New Free Video – Four Simple Steps for Getting More Leads and More Sales for Free

Hey TrafficSwarm Members,

A couple weeks ago, I told you about the Squeeze Page video that Mark Widawer made for you and the TrafficSwarm users…

And I told you how so many people went to watch it, our server went down.

One of the comments that we got about that video was a question from Joel who wrote…

Can you have too much on a squeeze page? I have too many different ‘offers’ on one of my pages.”

…which was quickly followed up by a statement that so far, he’s getting “nowhere” with his internet marketing.

So, Mark went onto the blog and answered Joel on the blog, and then Mark sent me a NEW VIDEO!

This one is filled with stuff that you, or Joel, or anyone can use to improve your squeeze pages. It’s called “How to Improve Your Squeeze Page — Four Simple Steps for Getting More Leads and More Sales for Free.”

If you’re making the mistakes Mark talks about, he’ll show you how to eliminate them and make your page get more leads and more sales more often.

Good, yeah?

And leave a comment below about the video, or your follow up question, and we’ll see if we can get Mark to make more videos for us.

Best Wishes,

P.S. Watch the video below now, and then do me a favor… Give Mark a HARD question, if you’ve got one. Mark knows a LOT about this kind of stuff. Let’s see if we can stump him. (I’ve got a feeling that might be tougher than it sounds.)

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14 Responses to New Free Video – Four Simple Steps for Getting More Leads and More Sales for Free

  1. Jesus Moreno says:

    I’ve found your video very illustrative and well explained. We all have heard about the importance of an own list and that this can be acquired by getting leads. And for that, we must have a very good squeeze page. Then your video comes to explain very well detailed every necessary step. Thanks. Now, we must go to the practice.

    Jesus Moreno
    TS Member

  2. Hi Mark,

    Good day mate, your presentations is one of the best I have seen. Thank you.

    Mark, I have a lot of clients (mums and dads) with home businesses and are always asking for help, with html, but more so with how to setup there squeeze page/s and auto responder. So I do believe if you were to setup a step by step series of video/s you would have an audience.

    P,S. Now there’s a thought may I should flick the scissors!

  3. Mike Maggs says:

    Your video was very helpful. I’ve been clicking on TrafficSwarm for over 2 years with very little to show for it. I know now that it’s because I’m sending all those visitors directly to the affiliate offers and expecting them to buy on the first visit. The results are a little better when I send them to my own sites because I do have opt-in forms there.

    I will be implementing Squeeze Pages ASAP!!!!

    Thank You

  4. KAREN CROSS says:

    Hi Mark,

    I agree with all the above comments on your video, it’s great.

    I am also a newbie and have the same question as Carmo re “how do we actually get a squeeze page?”

    Karen Cross

  5. Hi,

    I think this is just great.I love it.


  6. Michele says:


    You have a great way of presenting material and a great ‘teaching voice’. Some other videos I have come across just puts me to sleep.

    I agree with others who have commented that you should do some more video tutorials, but maybe aim at a segment of the market that seems somewhat forgotten : the middle people.

    The ones that have basic grasp like getting a domain name, hosting etc… but is falling short on the execution side of things. Not newbies, but the ones who want to go on the next level and have that extra push.

    I know I could do with that help.

    Just my two cents worth.


  7. Ivonete says:

    Thank you for your info, very helpfull,
    I want to take my business to “next step”
    but, could you send me a step by how to create the squeeze page? and a good auto responder?
    Thank you very much!

  8. Ivan says:

    Great video…

    My question is: what step by step info,a totally new person need to get his own simple website active and make money,either with their own products or as being an affiliate.


  9. Kathy says:

    I currently offer several free guitar lessons on my site that anyone visiting can access. However, I now realize it would be better to set up a “squeeze page” before giving them this free content to help build my list. So, I could require people to opt-in and get a password in order to access the lessons, but I’m concerned that my site’s position in Google’ Search Engine will suffer. Do know if Search Engines, such as Google, view (rank,crawl) private, password protected pages the same way they view normal content pages?

  10. Linda says:

    Very helpful. I would like to see a more step-step video which could be used by someone to do actually set up the page and link it and make it work.

  11. Hey Mark,

    Having a hard time building a WebSite with Landing Pages. Their alot tools, don’t know where to turn. I need low budget or free. Can you HELP.

    Thanks Keith

  12. Mike says:

    Great informative to-the-point video. A longer video with the “how to” methods of designing the Squeeze Page, especially for html, would be great.

  13. Lurliene says:

    What is the difference between a squeeze page and a capture page?

  14. Good, informative video but I’d really like to know about the more modern trend of video squeeze pages and CPA-type squeeze pages.