Free Video: Five Overlooked Steps to TrafficSwarm Success

Looks like a lot of you have checked out this new TrafficSwarm Blog. I’m glad you made it here, because the folks here at TrafficSwarm really want to help you become more successful with your online business.

Well the comments have been flooding in and it’s unanimous! Everyone seems to enjoy Mark Widawer’s informative videos.
If you didn’t see them yet, you’ll find them here:

Four simple Steps to Getting More Leads

How Squeeze Pages Can Get You More Sales (and more money)

The next Video is here, and this one is certain to help you to become more successful with TrafficSwarm, and with all parts of online business!
So what’s this video about? Well Mark and I noticed that there were a lot of people asking the same question, which was basically

“I’m getting traffic…but no sales. Why???”

Well it turns out that a lot of you are not doing some of the simple “first steps” that will help make your online business a success. It’s not your fault, though… There’s a good chance no one ever told you this stuff before.

So go now and watch, “Five Overlooked Steps to TrafficSwarm Success”

In it, you’ll find…

• Picking your Money Maker
• Finding the Wallet
• Speaking to the Wallet
• Saying “Hello”

The video is free, and it’s ready now. Just click the PLAY button below. And once you watch the video, leave a comment below. Did it solve a problem for you? Teach you something you never knew? Is it the missing key to your success? Or did it maybe just make you think of even more questions.

Whatever it is, let us know. There’s more help coming, and we just want to make sure we get you the help you need.

Talk soon.

And the whole Trafficswarm Team

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14 Responses to Free Video: Five Overlooked Steps to TrafficSwarm Success

  1. Mark & Kaycee…good stuff!

    If you’re new to internet marketing, be sure to watch the above video a few times to truly understand all of it. (and take good notes)

  2. Ilka Flood says:

    Great information, Mark. Very easy to understand and put into action. Looking forward to more.

  3. Hey Mark, that was a really good informative video
    about squeeze pages and auto-responders! Thanks alot
    I enjoyed it and even got some things out of it that I did’nt already know. Thanks Again Be Blessed

  4. Joseph says:

    Hi Mark.

    You video is very usefull and has helped me with the aspect of setting up my own squeeze page so I can built a list of my own before the prospect even goes to the affiliate page.Thanks

  5. Wow Mark! Thanks for the great information.It shows me That I’m going about doing things the wrong way. I will sure use it to better my success rate. Thanks again.

  6. Lew says:

    Hi Mark, good stuff! My question is: does traffic begat traffic? In other words if I add my site to several traffic exchanges, will this improve my page rank, popularity and thus increase my traffic through the search engines?

  7. Julie says:

    Hello Mark,

    I am getting lots of visitors and some sales, so the information you have provided is something I can identify with. I do sell Clickbank products and was under the impression that gravity meant that there was a lot of affiliates advertising the same product and avoided choosing a particular product because I thought there would be a lot of competition advertising it.

    I always chose products with low gravity and thinking there was something wrong in the way I promoted it and did not make any sales.

    Thanks for providing us with the true meaning of ‘Gravity’ for affiliate marketers.

    Julie Eden

  8. Great video Mark … I’ve used this approach and it works … I was thinking that other folks who are starting need more specifics … like the clickbank example … what’s an easy newbie squeeze page site? … how do I setup a shopping cart? … how do I write copy that “Says Hello”.

    Anyway thanks!

  9. Lisa says:

    Thanks Mark, I’ve enjoyed your videos and appreciate your efforts to provide value in everything you do.

  10. melky ramlis says:

    I can’t believe this is my first time being here. But I’m now subscribed to your feed so I’ll be able to keep up with my most loyal traffic getting testing source. Great stuff here

  11. moorthy says:

    Hello Mark I’ve used this approach and it works … I was thinking that other folks who are starting need more specifics … like the clickbank example … what’s an easy newbie squeeze page site? … how do I setup a shopping cart? …Thanks for providing us with the true meaning of ‘Gravity’ for affiliate marketers.

  12. Janie says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’ve been advertising other people’s products, but have not been able to get any sales. Can you please tell me how to create a “Squeeze Page”?

    I have a “Clickbank Account, I’ve advertised some of their products, however, I still have the same problems, no sales.

    I learned a lot from your video. Again, thanks.


  13. Max Praise says:

    Hi. Thanks for your video. it was really enlightening. I’m interested to know more about creating a squeeze page. I’m a web designer and would like to know if there’s a site where i can get a squeeze page template which i can customize wit an intro video. Thanks as i anticipate your earliest response

  14. Kim says:

    This was extremely helpful, Mark, thank you.

    - You are a great presenter, very personable and easy to follow, thorough and easy to listen to.

    - Your information is fine-tuned for we who need these steps to get going and see the bigger picture.

    - I’m just jumping into doing my Squeeze Page, sent one out and following up manually, but need to get on to using Constant Contact (which I already use for my newsletter) to use their autoresponder app – which I just found out they had the other day! Good to hear it from you again.

    - I’ll be checking out your “affiliate offers!” – and follow you on Twtr – of course you’re there!

    - Oh, and thank you for a great PP show – and no spelling errors. (A pet peeve of mine!)

    Thank you so much, Mark. You’re the “Online Advertisers Beginner’s Mind” Savior!! ;-)

    Kim, Dr. DeClutter
    Twtr: @drdeclutter