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Just the other day I gave my mind a nice little break, kicked my shoes off, and read a short eBook that a dear friend recently shared with me.

Like me, you might spend most of your day squinting at a computer screen, so I find it is great to break things up a bit and relax. This eBook turned out to be just the ticket. I like to read as much as I can about the online marketing space, because you can never know enough. And frankly I’m still just learning and can never get enough!

It doesn’t happen often, but you know when you read a book that’s so good you want to share it with all your friends? This was one of them! It is called “The Triumph of the Stupid”. With a title like that it just begs you to read it! I read it in only 15 minutes and I immediately shared it with everyone in our office.

Then I thought since I am already sharing this with my co-workers, why not share it with you? We can never do enough for our TrafficSwarm Pro members. It sells for thirty bucks, but I’m sending it to you for nothing just because you are one of our valued Pro members.

Go ahead, give “The Triumph of the Stupid” a look – it’s yours to keep, no catch, just a ‘thanks’ for continuing to be a TrafficSwarm Pro member.

If you are already a Pro member, shoot me an email to get your FREE ebook

If not, join Pro today and send me an email for your FREE Ebook

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P.S. If you like the content, the author is Mark Widawer, the main coach for our Coaching program. I’m setting up some special pricing exclusively for Pro members to join the Club, so drop me a note or give me a call and I’ll tell you all about that.

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