Article Directory….and 100k credits!?!

Hello all my Trafficswarm Folks!

We have launched another new feature of

An Article Directory is open for use, you need to go to your account and in the top right hand side click on Articles. Choose to Add a new Article and write 300-400 word valid and ORIGINAL content and we will approve you. Remember what articles are everyone, just imagine reading the newspaper of some informative content you want to tell your neighbor about. These kind of tips, information, and advice we want to hear from you. So this isn’t an just an ad.

Once you have your article approved you will be entered into a drawing of 100,000 Credits :) We will wait a month to do a drawing of this magnitude and announce in the newsletter at the end of the month.

Remember this content is open for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to crawl for content. So it’s NOT just Trafficswarm members, it is anyone and everyone searching for valid content. Write it up with searchable keywords that your audience will like.

Until the next launch of more item in Trafficswarm to come:)

Best Regards

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