Article Marketing: 8 Article Writing Tips

Article Marketing – 8 Article Writing Tips

Article Marketing is one of the easiest kinds of marketing work you can do. In fact, if you know your topic at all, you can create articles in 15 minutes or less.

It’s just that getting started might be a bit of a challenge. That’s why I’ve put together these 12 tips for writing great articles.

* Don’t spend too much time or space on each article. Your articles should be between 300-400 words total. Much less than that, and the Article Directories may not accept them, and Google may not index them. Much more than that and you stand the chance of boring your readers.

* Write to an individual, not a group. I’ve seen lots of articles and other writing that talks to “you all” or “everyone reading this page” but that’s not a good idea. It takes the reader out of that subconscious zone we all get into when we’re engrossed in what we’re reading. It makes us aware that we are, in fact reading, and disturbs the influence of the article. Besides, the article just reads better when it’s written to you, personally.

* Write conversationally. You might have a tendency to write in a more formal way than you speak. But that kind of writing is overly formal for today’s online environment. Write like you speak. It’s easier to write, and read.

* Even though you are writing conversationally, make sure you still obey the basic grammar and spelling rules. You want to come across as both friendly AND intelligent. So, avoid run-on sentences, misspellings, and awkward sentences.

* Don’t be too sales oriented. Articles that are overt sales pitches are often rejected by the article directories, and certainly won’t be picked up by publishers for use on their websites. Make sure your articles actually educate someone.

* Write in plain text. Many article directories don’t accept HTML in their articles, so plain text articles — without boldfacing or other fancy formatting — is betst.

* Use multiple Article Directories — There’s no reason why you can’t post your same articles on multiple article directories. No one uses all of the directories for finding articles, so it’s best for you to post your articles to several directories. That increases your chances of your articles being picked up by a publisher, and also increases the initial rankings you’ll get simply by posting your articles to the directories.

* Track your responses. Your Internet marketing can’t get better if you don’t know how well you are doing, and can measure when you’re making it better. If you track, you’ll discover what kinds of articles get published more often than others, and which ones drive more traffic than others.

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