Being a CPA Affiliate – Comparing CPA Offers/ Interview with Zac McGrath: Clip

Being a CPA Affiliate – Comparing CPA Offers

Last week I introduced you to the idea of being a CPA Affiliate. CPA means “Cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” and that term basically talks about the companies that will be paying you for your efforts.

They want to pay you (that’s their ‘cost’) for each customer they ‘acquire’.

And that customer doesn’t even need to spend a nickel.

To become a CPA affiliate, you’ll join a CPA Network like ROI Rocket or Azoogle. (There are dozens more.)

And once you are a member of a CPA network, you’ll discover that there are hundreds, if not thousands of things you can promote.

Should you promote them all? Or one of them?

How do you even pick?

Here are a few clues to help you if you are just getting started with CPA.

1) How hot is the market?

Is the market something that is part of a growing trend? Does everyone want something like this offer? Is it in the news? The more “yes” answers, the better.

2) How urgent is the offer?

Around Tax time, tax preparation, short-term loans, and other financial and bookkeeping offers are hot. Around Christmas time, gift offers, vacation offers, and holiday-related offers do well. If there’s a date on the calendar associated with the offer, then that’s going to help get people to take what you’re offering.

3) Look at the payout.

The payout is what you’ll earn each time someone opts into the offer. Some payouts are small — like 50 cents or a dollar. Other payouts are large — I’ve seen $15, $50, and $100 payouts. But beware — a high payout doesn’t matter if no one takes the offer. Your best bet is to compare payouts for similar offers — like two similar weight loss offers. If one offers $15.00 and the other offers only $10.00, then you’ve got a good indication of which one you should promote.

4) Look at the Payout Event

Some offers require only that a user enter in his name and email address. Other require more, like a full address, or a credit card. And still others require less — a simple zip code will get you paid. Keep this in mind: the less someone needs to fill out, the easier it is to get paid. That’s how a $10 payout can beat a $15 payout — it’s all about the Payout Event.

5) Ask Your Affiliate Manager

And here’s the final bit of advice: Every CPA network will assign you an Affiliate Manager. If you learn nothing else from this article, learn this: Call your affiliate manager and ask him for advice.

Your affiliate manager gets paid only when you and his other affiliates succeed. The more money you make, the more he makes. So he’s motivated to help you ou as much as he can.

So there you have it — 5 tips to selecting a money-making CPA offer to promote. My interview with Zac McGrath of ROI Rocket is now posted in the Money Makers Coaching Club.

If you’re a member, go watch the webinar recording. It will help you to get started making money online quickly and easily.

If you’re not yet a member, then watch for a free snippet of the interview that will be posted to the blog. Or better yet, consider joining the Money Makers Coaching Club. You can start for only a dollar — but there’s no telling how much extra you’ll make online from what yo’ll learn.


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