Blogs For Paid Advertising

Do you know that there are people who will pay you money to run their ads on your blog?

It’s true. There’s money in paid advertising.
What’s the difference between paid advertising and affiliate ads?

You get paid for web advertising usually in one of two ways. The first is “per impression,” which means that you’re paid each time someone views the ad you display.

The second — and now much more common way — is to be paid “per click.”
In other words, you may display an ad 100 times, but it may only be clicked on five times. You’d get paid for each of the five clicks.

Google is the largest supplier of these “pay per click ads” through their Adsense program. This is the other side of Google Adwords. In other words, let’s say an advertiser bids 20 cents for a click for his selected keyword, and that keyword happens to be what your blog is all about. That ad may show up on your page, and be displayed 100 times over the course of a week. Each time it’s clicked, you get a portion of the 20 cents and Google keeps the rest.

I know many people making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day with Adsense Ads. Yahoo has a similar program, as does Microsoft. Plus there are other lesser-known pay per click networks as well.

It used to be that the only way that your Google ad would show up on a website is if your keywords matched the topic of the site. But some time ago, Google added “Site Targeting” to their ad program.

What that means is that you can choose to run your ad a specific site.

And as a website publisher, that means that if your site attracts enough eyeballs that the advertiser wants to attract, they’ll advertise on your site, though Google.

And that means money for you.

So start your blog today, if you haven’t already.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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