Blogs for Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of people who make thousands of dollars every month, week or day by creating blogs about a particular topic — and they make big bucks with them, too.

For example, if you love shoes, you can put up a blog where you write all about shoes and fashion, and make money on the affiliate links you put up on your blog that refer traffic to vendors of the shoes you write about, and other stores as well.

You’ll find exactly such a blog at, written by someone named “Manolo.” I remember hearing, back in 2005, Manolo had made into the six figures for that year with his blog, mostly based on affiliate revenue. I’m sure he’s way beyond that by now.

With affiliate advertising, you usually get paid when someone clicks on your ad, goes to the merchant’s site, and buys something. In other words, you’re paid when someone buys, and you’re depending on the merchant’s website to convert the visitors you send there.

If you like to write, think it’s easy, and don’t like the idea of “selling” things — but still want to run your own internet marketing business — then this is a great way for you to go.

You’ll learn, in this month’s coaching club, exactly how to set up a blog, make it look like what you want it to look like, and how to write in it so that it attracts search engines and traffic that can make you money.

And, if you want your blog set up for you by someone who knows how to get it done, let me know.

I’m looking for a volunteer for this Thursday’s webinar.

You’ll find more details in your Coaching Club account:

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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