BUGS BUGS….Whew, getting them fixed plus more updates and a Webinar

Hello All,

I know and completely understand there are bugs within the new design. But we are getting them one by one with our programmers. Thank you for your patience and wonderful support. Once we get through all these needed growing pains, we can move on to more updates and fun stuff!

Updates we will be getting to that many have asked about….

Downline: Where is it ?!
Response: Don’t worry the system saves every person you refer with your referral link. Currently we know it is not on the site, yet it is saved on the back end admin side. So if you need to know about a member referred send support a ticket to check. But we have checked it and it works properly. This information will be on the site soon under the section “My Commissions” on the right hand side under Referral information.

Credit Lottery: What happened to it?!
Response: We are going to have something close to it, yet with more rewards and options. This is on a back burner and I know it is fun to play, but we want to make it ALOT better for you to play :)

Start Page aka HomePage since it’s 2011 not 1990 anymore ;)
Response: I am building an intestitual to pop up for you to set it as your homepage (what comes up when you click on your browser) Right now it is just trafficswarm.com/surf. Yes you used to earn 1 credit when you opened it. So I apologize we don’t have that set up right away, yet it will be. We want you to earn more credits doing other things on the site as well. So the update will come, just give us a bit to get through bugs.

Site Builder:
Response: I have it all ready to go, but once again, I have to keep our programmers on a tight shift and schedule, this will be available very soon.

Response: It’s there, its live, you can advertise all over the place and get crawled by Google, what are you doing go write one and I will review for approval in the am. :)

Credit/Ad Shows
We think we got this one fixed for text ads…now to banner ads…..will be fixed today

Firefox 5.0
Registration wasn’t working properly on this browser, getting this worked on after the ads shown bug

Reactivate Pro
Getting fixed asap too….this is for all you PROs out there that decided you didn’t want to cancel and upgrade again.

Last but not least, we have a webinar on Thursday for our Coaching Club and Total Traffic Formula
I typically give out free credits for participating on these webinars, so if you would like some free credits, who knows maybe a free upgraded membership, you better register now here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/740656963

Thank you again…..we are getting there and very very very excited to be on new fast servers and the vast majority of our members liking the updated site. :)

Chat soon, check back here for more updates and of course the Facebook page. Thats where one member won $50 just for “liking us”

Trafficswarm Support

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