Building Blocks of Google Adwords

Building Blocks of Google Adwords

One of the very best ways to get traffic is to pay for it. And one of the very best kinds of traffic to pay for is Adwords traffic.

So let’s say that you sign up for Adwords — What then? What will you see inside?

Today I want to just touch a little on how an adwords account is structured.

There are three levels inside of an Adwords account.

The first level is the account itself. Each account has its own login and billing information, and each person can only have on account. That’s important because Google tracks your history by your account, and will actually give you better pricing if you have a history of high-performing ads. By the way, Google’s policy is that you can have only one account. But, you can have your own account, and your spouse can have an account, and your company can have an account…and so on.

Now, inside of an adwords account are your campaigns. You set up your first campaign right when you sign up. Your campaign is where you’ll find the settings for things like:

* Your daily budget
* The part of the world you want to run your ads, like “all of the USA” or “just the 54321 area code, and any area in between.
* The kinds of devices you want your ads to be seen in, like cell phones and computers.
* Whether you want your ads to show up on Google as the result of searches (Google’s Search Network), or whether you want your ads to show up on Websites that are related to your ads (Google’s Content Network).
…and a lot more.

Inside of your campaigns, you can make one or more “Ad Groups”. An ad group has two important parts. For ads that run on the Search Network, you have a list of keywords. Your keyword list is the subject of a lot of discussion. We’ve discussed it in the club, and we’ll keep discussing it because it is such an important topic.

Your Ad Groups also have your collection of Advertisements. One thing you need to know is that any of your ads can show up if any one of your keywords is searched for. So that means that the keywords within each Ad Group need to be closely related.

For Campaigns that are set up to run on the Search Network, you have the option of also selecting which websites you want your ads to run on, which can be a very powerful tool for targeting your traffic.

Now that you know how a Google Adwords account is put together, you’re now equipped to learn more about the finer points of Adwords — or to even sign up for your own account.

Google will let you sign up for an account and set things up, even without spending a penny. So go to and take a look around. We’ll have more Adwords information coming your way in the weeks to come.

To Your Success

–Mark Widawer

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