Can Your Blog Save You Money?

So that’s got to be a weird question, right? “Can a blog save you money?”

I’m sure you might think that a blog will cost you money. You might think that setting up a blog is expensive. But you probably didn’t think a blog can save you money.

Well, however strange it might be, it turns out that your blog CAN save you money.

Here’s how.

One of the most effective ways to advertise is through Google’s Adwords program. Back in the ‘old days’ when Adwords was new, there were a lot of people advertising some very low quality websites on Google.

And Google cares about how their users are treated.

So they came up with a set of new rules that related the price they would charge per click to the quality of the website that you were sending the traffic to.

So, if a website was “low quality,” you’d pay more to advertise it. If it was a high quality site, you’d pay less.

So what’s a high quality site?

High quality sites are usually good resources for their topic, which means that they’re relatively large. They’ve got pages and pages of content related to their topic. It’s also important that Google should be able to figure out pretty easily what the site is about, which means that pages are linked together with meaningful, related keywords.

Hmm…Let’s review that. Lots of good content linked together with good SEO practice. Hey, that sounds like a blog!

And it’s no coincidence.

Good blog systems, like WordPress, are designed to make it easy to build high quality sites. As a result, they automatically do a lot of things that high quality sites would want done. All you need to do is add your content.

And when you do, and you start sending your Google traffic to your blog, you’ll see your cost per click tumble.

A lot.

So clicks that used to cost you 25 cents might start costing you 20 cents. And then 17. Then maybe 12, and then…well, who knows how low it might go.

I do know that clicks to a high quality site can cost as little as 10% the price of the clicks you’ll send to a low quality site.

And that’s not something you should ignore.

Blogs can help your business in all sorts of magical ways. Isn’t it time you had one, too?

This month, the Coaching Club is all about blogs and blogging. We’ve got tons of resources for setting blogs up, updating them, and even monetizing them.

If you’re a member, log in to the Coaching Club now.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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