Coaching Club FAQ (Important!)


There have been a few blog comments — and a flood of emails — saying how excited people are to be joining the Coaching Club, and asking for details about club.

So, we thought it would be good to answer some questions for you right now, so you could decide ahead of time if the club was right for you.

But here are some answers to some common questions that we already know you want answers to:

Q: How does the club work?

A: We’re going to be filling the club with tons of great information to help you build your online business quickly and step by step. So the club has lots of vital parts to help you do that.

* The “Money Maker” of the month — Every month, we’re going to focusing on a different part of internet marketing — something that can make you money, directly or indirectly, in your online business. So if you’ve ever wanted to know about, oh let’s say Search Engines Optimization, or how to write sales copy that actually sells, or how to make money as an affiliate…we’ll be going DEEP into one of these topics every month.

These Money Makers are individual products, all developed by Mark Widawer, and usually sold at retail for betwen $47 and $297 or more, but you’ll get them free as part of your club membership.

* The Money Maker’s Coaching Call — We’ll have a LIVE coaching call — usually a webinar — where you’ll get personalized instruction from Mark Widawer. During a webinar, you’ll actually watch LIVE on screen how a critical part of Internet Marketing is actually done, from someone who does this kind of stuff every day (and makes money at it, too).

This monthly call alone is valued at $97, but you’ll get it Free as part of your club membership.

* The Money Maker’s Q&A Call — Any good answer leaves at least a few new questions in its path, so you’ll get a second live call every month where YOU can ask your questions — no matter how many. We’ll answer as many questions as we can during this that’s-how-you-do-it teleseminar or webinar.
The value of this call is $47.

* Every week, we’ll be publishing the Money Maker’s Coaching Club Newsletter, where you’ll get information on the latest internet traffic techniques, sales tactics, affiliate money-making tactics, answers to your marketing questions…and lots more.

The value of the Money Maker’s Newsletter is $47 a month, but you’ll get it Free as a part of your membership.

Q: Is there more in the club?

A: Yes, there’s LOTS more, including
* A growing video library of internet marketing how-to instruction
* A library of Mark Widawer’s best marketing articles
* And a ton of other FREE stuff that sells on the internet elsewhwere from $27, $47 or more.

Q: Will there be some kind of marketing forum or discussion area?

A: Yes, but not right at the start. The Money Makers forum will launch about two to three weeks after the club itself opens.

Q: Will I learn how to get more traffic in the club?

A: Yes, every other month will be ALL ABOUT TRAFFIC, and we’ll be covering topics like SEO, Google Adwords, Article Marketing, Web 2.0, and even driving traffic with video. Plus, there will always be some other traffic resources in the libraries and forum.

Q: Will I learn about making more sales in the club?

A: We call this “conversion’ and since Mark is a conversion specialist, you’ll get a LOT of help with SALES AND CONVERSION tactics. That means we’ll go even more in depth into squeeze pages, copywriting, list building, testing and tracking, subliminal landing page techniques and much more

Q: What if I’m an affiliate? Is this club for me?

A: Absolutely. Most TrafficSwarm members are affiliates, so ALL of the traffic techniques are intended just as much for affiliates as for product publishers. But we’re also going to have some very special content especially created for Affiliates, including review techniques, special affiliate squeeze pages, and even how to get set up almost immediately as an affiliate for one of the largest and richest affiliate networks in the world.

Q: What is the first month’s topic going to be?

A: Glad you asked….Since the free Squeeze Page webinar was such a hit and got such great reviews from everyone who has seen it, we’re going to go EVEN DEEPER INTO SQUEEZE PAGES for the first month. We’re going to learn how to write copy specifically for Squeeze Pages, you’ll see how to use an autoresponder from 1ShoppingCart, you’ll learn more about the basics of FTP…and you’ll get HTML boiled down to the SIMPLEST lesson EVER devised or taught anywhere: HTML in just TWO words!

All of this is part of Mark’s “Squeeze Page Cash Machine” video series, which sells today online for $97. You’ll get it as part of your first month’s membership.

Q: How much will the club cost?

A: After watching the Squeeze Page webinar, Julian Lewis left this comment on the blog:
“This was one of the most informative videos I have seen since I been network marketing. I’ve heard of almost all of the resources but never really knew what they were talking about. Now I do…and this was Free.Wow!”
So AS GOOD AS THE FREE STUFF IS, we think you’ll like the membership content even more.

While a lot of the free content was about WHAT you can do to make more money online, the course content is going to focus on HOW TO DO IT, step by step, inch by inch, in the simplest way possible. We’re going to SHOW YOU.

The “regular” membership rate will be just $47 per month. A steal at double or triple the price, to be sure.
But…AND THIS IS IMPORTANT…if you are one of the first people to join, your membership rate will be GREATLY reduced for the first month, and FOR AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN A MEMBER.

Read below about the FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Membership. You’ll want “IN” on this.

Q: Is there a limit to how many people can join the Money Makers Coaching Club?

A: YES, at least at the start. The first 100 members will automatically be included into the Founder’s Circle. Founder’s Circle members will get a special reduced rate — and a ridiculously low, can’t-say-no offer to start. But the limit for the Founder’s Circle — and the VERY special pricing — is only 100 people.
Once the 100 members have joined the Founder’s Circle, registration will be closed and we’ll open up a waiting list.

We will likely re-open membership some time in the near future to admit more members, but the Founder’s Circle will be filled, never again to be re-opened.

Q: When will the club — and the Founder’s Circle — officially open?

A: The club is opening for “Founder’s Circle” registrations at 12 Noon PDT, 3pm EDT on Tuesday June 16.

Do you have more questions? Are you ready to join right now?

Q: “I know I want to join. Can I sign up now?”

A: Sorry, no. But while there are no early-bird sign-ups, the members of the PRIORITY LIST WILL BE NOTIFIED FIRST when the doors are open. And our guess is that the Founder’s Circle will get scooped up right away.

So, if you are not yet on the priority notification list, get on the list NOW or you’ll likely be left out of this big opportunity.

Join the priority list here:

Okay, that’s it for now. More news as the Opening approaches.


Got questions of your own that were not answered here?
Do you already know that you want to join? Let us know!
Then leave a comment below.

To Your Success,
– Kaycee Edenfield and Mark Widawer

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5 Responses to Coaching Club FAQ (Important!)

  1. Nosa says:

    As most of us lack technical knowledge to build webpage,put in squeeze page, Autoresponder etc, can we get hard copy of topic you will cover on live coaching seminairs to print out.

  2. The club idea sounds great, but many others lack in areas, such as what does one need in order to be successful in a more specific step by step process, regarding scripts, php, cgi etc, domains, subdomains, hosting etc, that is where technical know how comes into play.

  3. Moriya says:

    Thanks Kaycee, thanks Mark. I’m super excited about the club. I am especially excited to learn more about getting traffic via SEO, Google Adwords, Article Marketing and web 2.0. Does Mark plan to do a session on outsourcing your article writing? I hear people do that for their blogs. Is that a good idea? How do you know the content is original? What are the rules around that kindof stuff? Anyway… tons of questions here… Can’t wait to start the program!!

  4. jitendra says:


    Everyone needs a mentor to guide them to success.This is a brilliant idea.

    I am already excited by the prospects of having a good coach to help me through the competitive world of internet marketing.


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  5. Lloyd Darrel-Asherel says:

    This is the type of course I wish were offered in colleges in the UK.