Coaching Club Update–DELAYED!!!

Hello All!

Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew?

Well, we’ve just done that.

During the Free Squeeze Page webinar last week, we mentioned that the Money Makers Coaching Club would be launched today. And I must tell you that we’ve been working real hard to get it ready for you.

But, as it turns out, we’ve been adding things to the Coaching Club — good things — and re-designing things in a way that is going to help you build your online business even faster.

…But we’re not quite done yet.

So, even though we had planned on opening up the Coaching Club today, we’re just not ready.

We’re sorry about that, because I know, based on a whole bunch of emails that I’ve been getting, that many TrafficSwarm members have been waiting by their computers looking for a link so they could sign up.
Mostly, they’re looking forward to more great coaching from Mark Widawer.

If you haven’t seen the “How to make a Squeeze Page” video, go see it now, here:

Since our to-do list seems to grow every day, and we want to make sure that everything is ready when we open, we’re going to need just one more week.

We’ve got the new Grand Opening date of June 16.

I know you want to super-charge your online business now, but we’re hoping you’ll be just a little bit more patient with us.

As a bonus though, we know that everyone wants more traffic to their site.

** Another Video From Mark Widawer — Tomorrow **

And as much as we know you’re getting traffic from TrafficSwarm, you could probably use even MORE TRAFFIC, right?

I mean, who couldn’t?!?

So tomorrow we’re going to be releasing a special Traffic video that will help understand how you can get even more traffic to your website.

So watch for a new video from Mark Widawer tomorrow, probably about mid-day.

I promise you’ll learn something new that can help you make more money online.


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