Coaching During the Dog Days of Summer

Lots of businesses slow down in the summer. In Europe, many businesses just shut down so that people can go on holiday…at least that’s how it used to be. With everything going on there these days, there’s a good chance people are vacationing less and working more.

Here at home, summer is a good time to get unstuck from all the stuff that’s sticking you. It’s a time to get questions answered, problems solved, and new directions charted.

Today’s coaching club webinar is all about that.

Last week we had a great session. Several club members brought their questions to the club. We actually built a new website for one of them, LIVE on the call. We talked about properly niching a business, did some keyword analysis, talked about buying appropriate domain names, and we even helped a rank beginner rename his site to something that might actually get him ranked on Google.

It was a lot to cover in just one hour, but we managed.

So what can we do today? And more importantly, what can *I* do today for *YOU*?

Here’s how you register for the call:

It starts at 12 Noon PDT, 3pm EDT.

See you then.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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