Cure for Monday Blues?? A GIVEAWAY

Hello my T-swarmers!!!

I know I was reaching on that one, but I think it is mainly due to me trying to get a little bit excited for today and this month. Shark Week is on and I couldn’t turn off the television last night. Practically feel that I am an expert on Great Whites now. haha
Well now my tired eyes are paying for it and I need to get a bit more lively before my two screens merge into one blurry one.

So how about a GIVEAWAY!!!!

More credits or a FREE PRO month membership will be yours if you tell me how you promote. Either online or offline, what is your experience promoting, what you like or hate about it. I get excited about promoting so if you help me get a bit more wide eyed this sleepy Monday, I’ll give credits or an upgraded membership. Today Only!!

Hope to hear from you soon!
(Well maybe if I’ll give it away on another day too…;)

Here is this week’s webinar link, Here is the link to sign up:

We are looking at anything and everything to do with Internet Marketing, what does your website look like, how does it convert? How is your splash page doing, what are your promoting efforts bringing in?? See you Thursday!

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