Do You Need Some “Online Sales” Help?


I’m Kaycee of the TrafficSwarm Support Team and as you can imagine, I answer a lot of questions everyday from TrafficSwarm members just like you. In answering all these questions, I thought it would be useful to set up a blog so that TrafficSwarm members can be heard, and so that we can help you make your online businesses more successful.

So let me start with a “help” topic.

Does “More Success” sound like a good idea?

How about “More Sales”?

…and “More Money in the bank”?!?!

It does, right?

Look, there’s one thing that I DON’T need you to tell me, and that’s that you want to make your online business work for you.

You want it to generate money for you on a continual basis, preferably without having to work hard at it every day.

I know you’re getting traffic from TrafficSwarm, and maybe other sources, too. But that traffic may not be turning into sales for you.

I mean, how many out of every 100 visitors to your site are leaving without buying from you?



All 100?

What if you got just one more sale per hundred visitors to your site. Would that make a small or big difference for you and your family?

So what I’d like to know is…HOW CAN THE TRAFFICSWARM TEAM HELP YOU??

What kind of help or advice do you need to make your website sell better? Ask or suggest anything by leaving a comment below. For example:

  • How to figure out what my customers want to buy.
  • What are the best affiliate programs to advertise?
  • What’s the best way to build a prospect list? Why do I want one?
  • How do I sell more as an affiliate?
  • How do design a website that actually sells my product?
  • Can you give me some copywriting tips so I can write my sales page?
  • What should my price be? (Am I charging too much or too little?)

There are probably a hundred more questions you have. So ASK by leaving a comment below!

What do you need to know? How can our team help?


P.S. Another way to put this question is — what is your most important question about Internet Marketing? Whatever it is, let us know. There’s a good chance that we’ll have an answer for you.

Leave a comment by clicking the Comments text link above.

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108 Responses to Do You Need Some “Online Sales” Help?

  1. Lizbeth says:

    I’m new to all of this, so any help would be good. Is it really as easy as I keep hearing? thanks. liz

  2. Karl says:

    How can I determine the best price point?

  3. jacques says:

    What are the best affiliate programs to advertise? Our targteted customers are in Australia and NZ

    How do design a website that actually sells my product?
    Can you give me some copywriting tips so I can write my sales page?
    What should my price be? (Am I charging too much or too little?)

  4. Marcel says:

    Relative simple comments from my side, I have the same comments as the other contributers to this blog. Best regards, Marcel

  5. Nandkishore Deopersad says:

    I want to know is how I can get more TrafficSwarm clicks.
    Also, how to make more people sign up on my site once they get there.

  6. ian harris says:

    I agree with the person who said that Traffic Exchanges are not really Purchase Sites, it’s just all of us trying to sell something, usually the same thing. All in all disappointing and hopeless. However, I guess I’m kind of adicted and will carry on clicking until something better is invented. Actually I’ve just had an idea…why not split Traffic Swarm into two? One side for buyers and the other for folks wanting to sell a product.

  7. laz says:

    I have used traffic storm since 2007. i get clicks but noone buys. i do not have an affiliate site. I am looking for a way to covert viewers to sales. I have a google analytics account and have noticed increase in traffic, higher rank on search engines, more pages being viewed, and decrease in bounces, but Very Little sales. i have tried pop under campaigns but they focus more on affiliate traffic. i really need traffic for people who want to buy what i am selling. any help would be Greatly appreciated!

  8. Leigh says:

    I need tons of traffic but don’t know how to do this without breaking the bank.I need a FAST and EFFECTIVE way to do this without having to join a dozen safe lists. Buying leads and ordering traffic is very expensive especialy when you are on a tight budget. Can you offer some HELP.

  9. Marcia says:

    All of your questions are what I have been wondering about. I need answers to them and others, like how to create a lead capture page and automatic response emails. I’m like so many who have commented here – my budget is zilch so I need FREE help and guidance. I am fairly new to this online marketing business and I do not know how to link all of this together to generate sales. My target market is ever expanding. I have many niche markets. I am also an affiliate of many sites and do not know how to promote them. I have no website because of the expense. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and willingness to provide help to your customer base. It’s about time I found some one to provide this help and begin to make money. Instead I am stalled and need step-by-step instructions with explanations as to WHAT, WHY and HOW. This will be great when you launch this! THANKS!!

  10. Marcia says:

    OH! I forgot to tell you I am using affiliate’s websites and they do not provide any help to generate sales. There is a page in their site that shows who singed up for the free stuff, but NO money sales. Anyway, that’s what I forgot to put in my last comment.

  11. Harley Petersen says:

    I know that I am in a very competitive market. I know that I need to rework the sales copy to
    improve sales. I have this site on and they have helped me greatly in getting top billing on search engines in certain key words.

    I work 40 to 60 hours a week and have very little time to work on this. I am searching for
    help in

    1. sales copy writing
    2. expand key words.

    I have worked on this for 4 years and would be elated to have help
    that would improve results.

    Blessing’s to you!

    Harley Petersen

  12. Nick says:

    I’ve been with Trafficswarm for over 3 years and I would love some help converting sales on my sites. I get a lot of clicks, not very little sales.

  13. Jeffery says:


    I’m getting people to the site, but they are not purchasing and they are not signing up for the list. I’d like to know how to figure out what the problem is.

    – Jeffery

  14. Linda Lucas says:

    I need more quality traffic sent to my site. I know the program & the product is outstanding, but getting those interested people there without spending an arm and a leg is the problem.

  15. Melissa D says:

    Help? Would love some. I have a retail Home and Garden store that gets some traffic from here as well as other exchanges but Not receiving sales. Clueless as to my next step. I’ve also tried PPC Advertising with no results.

  16. Jerokiah Darr says:

    Great idea.

    It would be helpful if members were aware of what sites to list to increase conversions and how to track which sites are producing results.

    - Standard affiliate pages vs. custom splash or squeeze pages
    - Tracking your sites (hits/unique hits)
    - Consistency (surfing on a regular basis to keep your sites rotating)

    Thank you for reaching out a helping hand.

    -Jerokiah Darr

  17. Jacob Herrmann says:



  18. Manoj says:

    I have designed the website, have some really nice quality products and my selling price is way to lower than others in the market. I am not getting any sales at the moment and I have made another site. I just want to focus and concentrate on these two sites, please make a note ( Business Consultants and Facilitators ) ( Online International Directory )

    Would appreciate if you could get more people on both my websites and generate some sales. I have some other projects but there are lot of companies providing support to website owners. If your company gets more traffic to websites, people will stay with you.


  19. john white says:

    yes i could use more help with my sales.

  20. jaime says:

    A greeting and thank you for this service, my website is. WS, I use for my ad link to my page as an independent member of GDI for the sale of business and multiple domains. / jaimepetisco / jaimepetisco
    Can you teach me atrallentes comments or suggestions for improving my my sales

  21. Lawrence Myers says:

    Dear Kaycee,

    The primary aim of my website is to bring ‘Christian’ people to the True Faith and thus achieve Success in the Next Life. The CAPD stands for Christian Activist Personal Development. I can’t say that I get a lot of traffic so my primary aim is not being met.

    A secondary aim is to show people how they can achieve Success in This Life by purchasing personal development products and by becoming involved in an Extraordinary Network Marketing Opportunity. I do get a number of persons who show interest in both of these aspects but interest by them is not being converted to action by them.

    If Traffic Swarm has way to bring increased traffic to my website I would certainly like to hear about it.

    May God Bless you all
    Lawrence Myers aka Laurie Myers

  22. Michelle says:

    I’d like to encourage more traffic to my sites. With joining the money making opportunity, you can earn commission from E-bay,, Toys’R'Us etc. It is 100% safe & legitimate. I’ve had recent experience in just how some nasty people work. I also have support 24/7. My webites are; http;//; http;//; http;// I often find that a lot of success is in the wording for advertising.

  23. Michelle says:

    4/18/2009 4:34:35 PM #

    I’d like to encourage more traffic to my sites. With joining the money making opportunity, you can earn commission from E-bay,, Toys’R'Us etc. It is 100% safe & legitimate. I’ve had recent experience in just how some nasty people work. I also have support 24/7. My webites are;;; I often find that a lot of success is in the wording for advertising

  24. normz2 says:

    I am getting 150 to 500 hits a day, but very few conversions. I have been working on this site for a year now. I have 140 pages. With every page I add on, I get a slight increase in traffic. Some topics are moe popular than others.

  25. mai says:

    i do need vistors, but there is another problem i haven’t fully finish with my site. i also do need help on what type of banner to post and ad to put on. i’m planning to get google adsense soon but first i need vistors.

  26. Joel Geiger says:

    I have used Traffic Swarm for well over a year, but recently I ramped it up and now have a stat counter. I was shocked to see the Traffic I am getting on my sites from Traffic Swarm, but it is all just superficial. Over 100 hits a day, day after day, with no sales, NOTHING. I honestly don’t get it. In the same time I myself have joined over a dozen programs and purchased a half a dozen products even “Spin Success” which is the worst waste of $ I ever spent.(not even 1 hit in 3 weeks)

  27. Kevin says:

    I am sick and tired of trying to say the right thing to appease those who are already a great success. Would you even have time to waste with others while your techniques are proving successful. H*** No!. Stop trying to smooze your way to success. Nobody cares and nobody is going to help you so forget it. I’ve been busting my nuts inviting hundreds of people to watch a movie, take a 7 day free trial, join up for only $10 bucks a month AND give away 200 leads for free to each and every person that is serious about owning a business. No takers, tire kickers, excuse makers, whiners, rejects, bad people and jerks. I THINK WE ALL AGREE, ENOUGH IS TOO MUCH!! We are the serious entreprenuers. All 82 of us. How many billions of people worldwide do we have to sit up long nights trying to figure out how to invite more jerks and losers to slam the door in our face or for all of our hard effort to make life better for them have to bend over and … I apologize. WE ARE FURIOUS. WE WANT RESULTS. WE HAVE TAKEN THE STEPS. Now we are being trampled trying to help others. Our online home busineses, we believe in them. We have worked very hard just to receive an email of this caliber, but there are only 82 of us responding. 82 out of over 190 billion people hunting for a home business, SUCKS!
    If you can not help us succeed without draining our wallets. Maybe there should be 82 less people willing to make life a little bit easier for you and your businesses.



  28. Lawrence Krakow says:


    Absolutely one out of a hundred would be phenominal. Only a few people have subscribed to my newsletter and if one out of a hundred sign up, I’d be filthy rich. I promote the Pluginprofitsite.

  29. Lyle SHaw says:

    In response to your inquiry, yes I would like to get more “targeted” traffic to my site, and as I am offering free advertising to the “For Sale By Owner” or “FSBO” segment of the population I thought I would get much more response than I have.
    I have reached a Google PR of about 3 after about three months since launch, but still do not get the results I had expected.
    There are thousands of so called “SEO” experts who are willing to take your money, but once spent there does not appear to be any difference in the results!
    I certainly hope I live a long time, as it would appear that I will have to if I am to see any real results, however I appreciate your apparent concern, and I guess if I had a question it would be:
    Is there anyone out there that has used the “Directory Submitter” software who would actually recommend it?
    Just curious, as I have spent much of the last three months on the computer, and I think I have forgotten my wife’s name, and this could be a major problem, as you can imagine!
    I will sign off now as I think that I have taken enough or possibly too much of your valuable time, as that is the one item that we are allotted a limited amount of, and should make good use of, as we cannot roll it back if misused.
    Truly a valuable commodity!


    Lyle Shaw

  30. Mun Kam says:

    Thank you for setting up this forum site. Yes I have some site put up in Traffic Swarm and understand that sales are generated not by people merely just clicking on the banners to take a look. Action is needed for them to tkae out their credit card to buy or sign up.
    Some effort is required to attract them to do so.
    I share the concerns of the comments expressed by some people here.
    I would appreciate it if Traffic Swarm could come up with some low or if best no cost solution to help struggling business.
    Thank you , Kaycee

  31. Lyle SHaw says:

    I noticed that I did not let your visitors know what I am offering, and there is nothing worse than wasting someone’s time.
    I am offering FREE internet marketing for the “For Sale By Owner” or “FSBO” home seller who would rather not pay the huge commission that Real Estate companies charge the home owner to list on their “MLS” system.
    Check out the site yourself at :



  32. larry wallace says:

    I hate the idea of working. spending time at a job for what, to make just enough money to come back again tomorrow, its stupid. In all my searches and ventures i got nowhere until i found a company with an eight year old proven track record a life changing product and system that is mind blowing (no purchase necessary)that can put fifty thousand plus in your pocket in the firt year, its not mlm or or a get rich quick program where the bottom falls out, it’s a real business. If you like your job don’t even go to my website because there is a very low percentage that what you are doing online will work.

  33. Jairo Franciso says:


    Would i Like to know how much will pay, As soon as gets more Hits for my site?

    A Hug

  34. Jill says:

    Hi everyone – and thanks Kaycee for the offer of support – it is most welcome.

    I am going to repeat what a lot of people have already said – which is that I’ve spent many hours clicking in traffic exchanges but have found that 99.9% of fellow clickers are sellers not buyers. Since promoting a very minimal splash page I have met with much more success – but purely for the purpose of building a list – not for selling products.

    Another point is that so many people using the exchanges have been stung by some so called “genuine” money making opportunity which falls apart several months after taking your money, or doesn’t deliver the promised riches. I think we’re all reluctant to part with any amount of money and we don’t know who to trust.

    So my question is that once you’ve built your list – how do you gain people’s trust?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  35. Kenneth says:

    What are the best affiliate programs to advertise?
    What’s the best way to build a prospect list?
    How do I sell more as an affiliate?
    How do design a website that actually converts to sales?

  36. Michel Haddad says:

    I have been using traffic swarm for a long time and I have spent a lot of money on credits. These credits have results it some leads/sales but not nearly enough. I currently have more than 11K credits that are not getting used (or if so, very slowly).
    Can we not get good results from TS without spending a fortune on credits?
    Michel Haddad

  37. Heather says:

    It seems all the appropriate questions and comments have already been posted. The key I know is marketing and advertising. So how to do this ? What I see so far is this is a waste of time on Traffic Swarm as I am one small fish in a very large pond.

  38. Martin Goulding says:

    I used Traffic Swarm about 4 years ago and did achieve some visitors and enquiries, no convertions though. I tried them again 4 months ago and got no enquiries at all. Both times using purchased clicks. Since then I have found highly targeted traffic from the likes of much more effective in converting traffic to sales. Both in terms of price and number of signups.

  39. Matt Kasmani says:

    Hi again Kaycee. I really like to know whether Traffic Swarm get indexed by search engines. It will be great if it does because at least we could get external visitors. What I know if I use Traffic Swarm to promote, only members of Traffic Swarm see my site and these visitors are marketers just like me trying to get credits to have their site rotated in the exchange. So if I want to get any sales from Trafic Swarm visitors, I would say maybe I will get about one and it may take years to happen. So Kaycee what can you do about this.

  40. Matt Kasmani says:

    Can you show me in REAL TIME right in front of my eyes the way to get sales?

  41. Jay Kohn says:

    Getting traffic is one thing-bringing in targeted traffic is another- and getting the targeted traffic to convert is the most difficult. I think I have a nice website with a revamped shopping cart was designed to simply the purchase process. still abandonment is high and conversion remain low at less the .40%

  42. Mick says:

    Why, when I am offering a totally free business opportunity, that will always be free to run and maintain, do people still not want to join? It’s a success for me in the UK (Over 200 sign ups) but not in the US? (only 1 sign up!)

  43. Kristi Ambrose says:

    I thought this was a yes or no question?

  44. Koffi says:


    Here are some of my questions:
    How to figure out what my customers want to buy.
    What are the best affiliate programs to advertise?
    How do I sell more as an affiliate?
    What’s the best way to build a prospect list? Why do I want one?
    Can you give me some copywriting tips so I can write my sales page?



  45. Harald says:

    Yes, you have all the questions, but how?

    You tell me!

  46. Len says:

    How do you transform clicks to sales? I know about splash pages but those don’t seem to do anything for me. Any help will be appreciated!

  47. Moses says:

    Please, I just don’t know how to use traffic swam to pull traffic to my website, not to talk of making sales. I know lots of ways of pulling traffic, but I’ll like to take an advantage of traffic swam membership. Please, I’d like to know how.

  48. James Gore says:


  49. Mohamed Beshr says:

    Hi Kaycee,
    that is very good idea
    i want to know the best way to convert traffic into sales?

  50. Jonathan says:

    [b]I think the nail was hit with the comments I have seen where members of traffic exchanges are “blindly clicking” and they click and click just to get credits. They do not even look at the sites.

    Here’s the question: How can we get surfers to actually look at the sites? What can we do to be unique? The concept of a traffic exchange would work nicely if everyone participated as was meant to be. But most do not.

    Also, another problem I see in exchanges is those generic splash pages or sales pages that everyone else is promoting. I think one thing that would help make sales on traffic exchanges is if members would actually work on creating their own unique splash pages. If you don’t know how to make a splash page then join a site like TE Toolbox where you can get assistance with creating a splash page.

    Here’s one idea: Let’s say you have a website where you have lot’s of electronics for sale and you simply go to all your exchanges and put your homepage in for rotation in the exchanges then you go click, click, click and no sales. One reason for this might be because there are 25 different products listed on your homepage and there’s no way surfers will see all those products in 10 seconds. Try creating a splash page with just one item on it. That way other surfers will be more likely to see the product.

    Most people are mislead to think that all you gotta do is get a website and put it in the exchanges and you will be rich tomorrow. It doesn’t work that way. It takes a lot of work and I don’t mean clicking. I mean trying to stand out from the crowd. Trying to create your own splash pages and banners, making your site or product get noticed.

    I am a traffic exchange owner myself and I know I’ve spent a lot of time working with it to make it unique. I still spend time trying to make it different. I work an 8 hour job plus I come home and invest another 8 hours or more on my site. And you must be able to spend a little money towards your site. If you think you can make money online without spending any then your are wrong. Best advice is to spend your money wisely. Make sure what you are purchasing will be to your benefit. I purchase upgraded accounts at some exchanges but not all. Depends on what they offer me and how much it’s going to cost.

    Upgraded accounts means less clicking and more time to spend on your site design or promotional material. But just remember one thing: working online is not easy and it takes more than just slapping up a website and showing it in exchanges. You got to be different from everyone else. Just my 2 cents.[/b]

  51. James Miller says:

    Can I use Trafficswarm to build my network marketing business ?

  52. Kirk Brown says:

    How do I get an unlimited about of targeted visitors to my website with a small investment of time and money.

  53. Kirk Brown says:

    How do I get an unlimited amount of targeted visitors to my website with a small investment of time and money.

  54. Mike says:

    All of the above. I’m new and appartently have some web site to get started with but don’t know how.

  55. Nemosyne Evans says:

    How will i know if a sale is made from traffic swarm in my account.

  56. Heng says:

    Hi Kaycee

    I think 99.9% of the members are sellers. How can any member be successful in this kind of
    marketing environment?

  57. Hazel says:

    I have joined a few affiliates and I have been getting clicks but no one is signing up with any these programs and / or products. How do I get more sign-up? What can I do to market these sites more effectively?

    Also, how do I build a list through Traffic Swarm?

    Looking forward to your answers.

    Thank you,


  58. Jack says:

    I would like some info on how to install an autoresponder to a web site and how to maintain a list.

  59. Josie says:

    I could use more traffic to my sites I don’t seem to be getting any orders. I have some advertisers helping me. I don’t seem to be getting any where.

  60. James says:

    I have an affiliate website that I cannot make any changes to. I do not know how many hits I am getting. How should I market my website to get real results or signups?

  61. Marilyn says:

    I do get hits but not one registration for more information on the best health products out there. This is definitely not working here. Sorry, but it is true.

  62. Mike Richardson says:

    I would welcome any help on sales. I have great product at blowout prices however it seems that traffic swarm is made up of a bunch of businesses all wanting to sell eachother their product but no one want’s to buy because they are only here to sell theirs and not to become a customer.

  63. jk says:

    how to properly follow up.

  64. Laura says:

    We’ve had our website up for 7 years now and normally have been able to convert traffic to sales without a lot of problems. However, previous to traffic swarm, we have never done traffic exchanges to drive traffic to our website. We haven’t made a single sale through traffic swarm, though there have been lots of hits.

    I concur with many of the folks that have commented – it seems that the traffic from your program is simply from other members trying to build up credits and not actually visiting because they’re in the market for the products and opportunity that we and others offer.

    You need to set up some sort of swap program with other companies that has targeted traffic that is given the opportunity to click and view the members’ websites from traffic swarm. It’s clear to me that your program is most suitable for lead capture only (and that’s only if it’s a really really good capture page) and not direct sales.

  65. Jack says:

    Yes I could use some help, but I guess everyone does. I have just become an affiliate with Global Resorts Network, which I personally feel is the best thing I’ve ever been involved in and I’ve been in a lot of different programs. How can Traffic Swarm help me? I am expecting an answer from you soon.


    Jack Free Bird

  66. John says:

    What are the most popular search engines used & how do I get on their first page? How do I verify my website is being seen globally. Then once it is being seen-how to convert my “For Home’ products from just being seen to being bought? And how can I do all this on my own or for next to nothing, because I have lost so much money trying all this local & web advertising-with little to no success?

  67. K says:


    I agree with many people that sales are just not happening and due to this teh adffiliate programs tat i am running are no good.

    I doo need help with respect to boosting sales. from nil to a decent amount

  68. Mary says:

    My URL was rejected I was advised to fix it and resubmitt this is what I was given by pro2 are you asking me to shorten it? Mybe use tiny url. Yes to all your suggestions Kaylee I am a newbie.

  69. Katja Palmu says:

    No sales from Traffic Swarm. Another thing that keeps me wondering is that I still have 84 credits left, I haven’t done any “clicking” in ages, but the credit I have, are not being used.

  70. norman says:

    i need help with traffic.

  71. james kelly says:

    seo, get on #1 page

    and traffic,traffic and more traffic

  72. Manoj says:

    Need more traffic on website and need conversions, when I get some sales, I will surely upgrade. Please send some traffic on the website. If possible , you should also have some email contacts for website owners. That will be an extra help. If you do these kind of things, you will beat your competitors in the same business.

  73. James says:

    My website above is really new with only a few blog posts that I set up 4 Google adsense, however I need way more content and my subject that I’m striking 4 is toys cause I have lots of cool toys and I want to get into custom T shirts to sell.And also I’m trying out various affiliate progs. like Donkey mails, Euro mails, Ocean mails to name a few.Also for takin up space I put in a few poems I wrote on there too.

  74. John Bendele says:

    I think everyone has summed up the problem with the traffic exchanges, the majority of people surfing the exchanges are sellers. I have built a few successful businesses, some have reached dowlines in excess of 800 members and I can confidently say that not one member has come from a traffic exchange.

    For those that would like a little advice please read on. If you promote an affiliate business you need to work as a team with both your upline and your downline. Don’t look at it as you having “X” amount of people working for you, but as you and “X” amount of people working towards a common goal. Become a sponsor not a person who just refers people. The more you help other by becoming a leader the more respect and trust you will gain. For those of you who believe that the money is in the list, I’ll tell you this: It don’t matter if your list has a 1,000,000 leads on it, without building a relationship with the people on your list, those leads are worthless.

    When choosing a business look into the latest trends, a business that relates to the latest trends in society is where you will see the most sales. How many sales do you think you would have today if you were selling horses and buggies? Also take into consideration the state of today’s economy. More and more people are looking for alternative means of making money, however they don’t have a lot of money to get started. Stay focused but also keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas. When I first started I know I missed out on a few opportunities just because I thought there was nothing better than the business I was involved in at the time, boy was I wrong. Three more things: research, research, and research. I am sure you are aware that there are many scams out there. A lot of these self-proclaimed gurus are not the money makers you think they are, most of their BS is staged to make you think they are rolling in the money. These gurus irritate me for the fact that in order for them to make money they prey on peoples trusts and desires to succeed with no intentions of giving the help they promised. You will notice on your emails that at the bottom of the email where you have the choice to unsubscribe from the senders autoresponder you will find the senders address. Shortly after I downloaded Google Earth I received an email from a certain guru, I took the address at the bottom and searched it using Google Earth. What do you think I found, a million dollar mansion or a run down apartment building?

    Anyway, I hope that at least one of you find this information helpful.

    Best regards,

    John Bendele
    Success In ’09 And Beyond

  75. Justin Teo says:

    I get a few clicks, but no conversions? What do I do to change this?

  76. joshua orwa says:

    Hi K
    Thanks for giving us this opportunity ask for help.Upto december2008 icould not even turn the computer on let alone talk “webtites”,.Then one fine december morning i looked at this computer sitting on the desk at the house where its been for atleast three years untouched.
    I thought to myself, “i hear people talking about making money on the internet WHY cant i?.
    With that Question “WHY” In mind,NOT?followed and the solution seemed logical enough,TURN The coputer ON”,and gues what? it didn`t blowup WOW!!.In ashort time i had learned enough to begin my internet journey.
    My first encounter with internet was finger burning and i dont want to even talk about it i gave all my Rent money away for non retuner. but it did not give up. Then i got involved with the real deal the one that i teasure verymuch PlugInProfit Site services where ofcourse iwas directed to your site Trafficswarm.So my WHY has lead me to good things,i now have my and am proud of Affiliates,Now the big question is..with my luck of funds HOW can i make them work for me and also make money? Sorry If av gone on too much but i just cant help it.
    Thanks again K

  77. James says:


  78. Malcolm S Milligan says:


    I used Traffic Swarm some time ago and lots of folks visited another site of mine I did secure some names as a number of folks took my self awareness questionnaire which is free, but no sales ensued.

    However I was kicked of Google Ads because I used your system. No matter, my main thing is that I have slogged over the past 15 years to produce what I consider to be two world class offerings, but guess what? I seem to be the only person who thinks so.

    I am close to chucking them in the bin,the only thing that stops me is that both of my offerings I KNOW will help folks to gain more from their stay on the planet.

    So my investment over the years is around £50,000 and the return is 4 sales for less than £300. How many more of you I wonder have the similar experience of being a busy and misguided fool?

    What are we going to do about it?


  79. Malcolm S Milligan says:

    To John Bendele,

    Hi John,

    I have just read your comments,I would suggest you all read his note.

    John my email is if you want to chat re how we may both be of assistance to one another, I have to admit I will probably gain more from such a chat than your goodself.



  80. Linda says:

    Ihave been with YTraffic swarm for lots of year.
    ANd have 4 URLs on hree.
    But I have no idea if anyone here or visited my sites went for them. is there a way to tell by looking at the stats.
    I really dont see any profit in it all. but I click away .

  81. Jeff says:

    I use Traffic Exchanges and some are great
    for exposure of my Affiliate programs..however,
    seems most just click and move on..the nature
    of advertising is very fickle, expensive and
    time consuming..either you do or you don’t.

  82. Lilian says:

    Hi there.
    I would like to know all of these.
    Any of these topics will be helpful.

    How to figure out what my customers want to buy.
    What are the best affiliate programs to advertise?
    What’s the best way to build a prospect list? Why do I want one?
    How do I sell more as an affiliate?
    How do design a website that actually sells my product?
    Can you give me some copywriting tips so I can write my sales page?
    What should my price be? (Am I charging too much or too little?)


  83. Mary Neely says:

    Hi everyone: It seems from the all the comments I read through that we all share some common problems-1) not enough traffic
    2) lots of lookers-no buyers
    3) Lack of knowledge on how to market effectively online.

    So I’d like to offer all of you- a Chance to look at a Marketing Course that could help with a lot of the issues that most of you are encountering. This Course will teach you the “Marketing How To’s”. It is Free to sign-up as a Basic Member. So check it out! What do you have to Lose??

  84. Kathy says:

    I need help with getting more sales. I know I have traffic but I have yet to get one sale. What am I doing wrong. I have done the loss leader thing. I have lowered all the prices below the competitors. What do I do next?

  85. Johann says:

    Hi everybody
    I have two sites and had a number of clicks but no sale. I also have a people search engine. So what I basically need is answers to just about all the questions you have listed and more. I will list a few:
    I want to know how do I sell more as an affiliate?
    How to figure out what my customers want to buy.
    What are the best affiliate programs to advertise?
    What’s the best way to build a prospect list? Why do I want one?
    Can you give me some copywriting tips so I can write my sales page?

    My other site is:

    My people search engine is:http://RICHTEJA-PEOPLE-SEARCH.WS

    I have signed up with a couple of list builders,traffic exchangers exc.
    What else can I do? Please help!!

    Thank you



  86. Marcel says:

    Hello people at traffic swarm,

    I’m new to all this so everything you can show me would be really appreciated, I’m surfing a lot during the day and using all those credits but is there another way to advertise my site.

    P.S. I dont have any money to spare so it have to be free

    Thanks in advance
    Marcel (ebookmaster)

  87. Jim Thomas says:


    I am really interested in affiliate marketing and believe I understand I need to build a list as probably a good place to start. Where can I find out how to build a good splash page and how I should respond wonce they respond to me?

  88. Mike says:

    I would like to have sales from my website when I have visits
    I would also want more targeted traffic.

  89. Kevin says:

    I am a newbie and don’t have a clue. How can I drive more traffic to my site that is going to buy??

  90. Joy says:

    I do have visitors to my site but they don’t buy anything or if they do they don’t spend much.
    I’ve done PR web, I’ve sent cards but nothing happened. I’m waiting for an approval for an expense account so that I can do more marketing.

  91. john says:

    I am totaly new to all of this and need as much help as i can get.Dont know how or where to start,except seeing GURRU’S websites (to visit my own money)and there is no more left to give them.Thanks for the help.

  92. Marge says:

    I’m totally zero knowledge, and lost in the middle and dont know where to start. how could you help me, then?

  93. Jay Rossi says:


    I have been going at internet marketing for the last 1 year, and I am no closer to completing anything. Just when you think you’re going OK, then someone else comes along with a better and bigger solution. Where does it all stop. When will I ever get my website up. Its cost me more money trying to get this done, then anything I have ever spent money doing.

  94. moneyminded168 says:

    Above is not my website. That’s affiliate website.
    Dear Kaycee,

    If you ask me that question, I would definitely says YES!
    Who want a business without getting income? And pay monthly
    for subcription and NO RESULT??? I am not going to pay for
    the so called “upgradings” because i am jobless now.

    If you want me to pay for it ,then proof to me that it works
    then i subcribe monthly but with result. I will borrow the money just for
    upgrading it. I know it is not your fault.

    Well, if you could assist me that would be better.
    Thank you.

  95. John says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to get some constructive feedback. My question is how do I figure out what my customers want to buy?

    Thank you once again, this is a great idea

  96. Ken sparks says:

    Hi I have started making a good income after visiting the web site below .

    However I want to get more traffic to my blog

  97. lakeisha says:

    Yes I do need to get more sale’s to mywebsite and also It would be good to get more traffic to my blog.

  98. Jane says:

    I am a newbie and I have tried to follow the directions,but I don’t think I have had any hits on my site.

    Thank You

  99. June says:

    I have not had my computer since the 14th.April and only got it back yesterday. I have so very many e-mails to get through it is going to take me a few days before I can even think about business. I will send a comment in to you when I sort myself out. I am very new to internet marketing so there is a lot of things I don’t always understand. June

  100. Mitchell Mansfield says:

    I believe that the best way to get clientelle to buy your produt is:


    2.) Market to OPTIN LIST, thats not paid to look at the ads. List should be ones that are receiving informative information from Authoritative Authors or EZINES.

    3.) Be sure you have a splash page or a landing page tied to a email marketing company with unlimited autoresponders so you can capture the cloicks for follow up marketing offers.

  101. Michelle Cappabianca says:

    This information was very helpful and helping me improve my squeeze page., Michelle Cappabianca

  102. Kristy says:

    I get plenty of traffic but no sign ups. It’s interesting since my site isn’t asking for money, it’s a free site with only 1 paid service (of which has a free trial). But the fact is when I surf I don’t really read most of the time. The reason I don’t is because every site is either internet marketing or another traffic exchange, I’m not interested. I haven’t marked marketing or web promotion in my categories but still get heaps of these. The sites I do look at are interesting blogs and that’s it.

    I don’t care that the traffic isn’t converting, because in the least the traffic seems to improve how easily my page is found in google, and that’s where I get quality traffic. What bother’s me is while I’m clicking away I never get to look at anything interesting. I agree with an earlier comment about more categories, I also think there should be a way to stop seeing internet marketing and promo ads. Traffic exchange claims the benefit is you click on the site most interesting on a page, but they are all marketing!

    Also, I HATE the ads with audio, I now surf with the sound off so I’m not blasted with the ad once it loads, I leave before the 20secs if that happens, it’s a huge deterent and I won’t even look at a page like that.

    Another problem is I seem to get sent to sellers that are in another country that I couldn’t possiby buy from.

    I don’t know if I will keep up using this exchange as the surfing isn’t enjoyable. Maybe it might be an idea to have something to break up the monotony, like a game every 20 clicks or something.

  103. Nestor says:

    Hi, I just starting to set up some site as an affiliate. Thanks by the information in the video.
    My question is, squeeze works better giving away some product like ebooks or works sending a series of emails? and how it get more leads, putting some video or just plant text ?

  104. Justin Dombek says:

    Where Is The Best Place For a “Mailing System” The Form, and The Actually Sending??



  105. Koffi says:

    Thanks to Mark for making the video.
    Hope to get more like this.


  106. Koffi says:


    Can you give me some copywriting
    tips so I can write my sales page?

    Thank you so very much for your prompt answer.


  107. john lawrence says:

    hi there
    the site above is e-lottery a syndicate site which im trying to make money on as an affiliate. i also have several other affiliate sites via profitlance that im trying to promote. these are already to go i just need to get traffic to these sites but don’t have any capital at present after my inital outlay. do ineed to create ad’s for each site to promote can you tell me the easiest way to get traffic to these sites any help or advice would be great
    thanks john

  108. My problem is not getting the sign ups but getting them to pay. At present I have 22 unpaid people in my downline on the above affiliate program and 12 on another. My companies allow these people to stay as free members which does neither them or me any good. The above company has even put my spillover under a girl who paid for a while and then left. She is obviously not interested.