The first (and worst) question to ask when you’re starting your online business

Among all of the questions you can ask about starting an online business, there’s one that just outranks them all. It’s not a nasty question. It’s not even scandalous. It’s just a question that indicates that you’re thinking about your future business in reverse and upside down.

I’m not going to tell you what the question is — you’ll need to listen to this clip from our most recent Open Coaching Call to hear it. But I will tell you that I talked a LOT about the right questions to ask, and the right way to think about and plan your business, for most of the call.

The difference between the right questions and the wrong questions can mean a difference in your business of 10 times to 100 times. It’s the difference between failure and success. It could even be the difference between starting with a bang, and never starting at all.

It’s THAT important a question.

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