Get more Traffic to your website next week!

Kaycee, any idea what the most valuable thing you can do with a coach?

How about “talk to him!”

And that’s what next week’s Coaching Club webinar is all about. It’s a Personal Coaching Call. If you went to a University, you can think of it as the Professor’s Office Hours.

But in the context of Internet Marketing, it’s coaching time worth that could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars…except that it’s included as part of your membership.

Oh, and it’s time could result in a business that makes Hundreds or Thousands of dollars more in a year, month, or week.

All you have to do is show up and ask your question. Your BEST question.

Now…we’re doing something a bit different this time, because you don’t usually get paid to ask a question.

But check this out:

If you submit your question on the “Ask Mark” form on the Member’s page …and your question is selected to be answered on the call, …and you are actually ON the call and able to participate with Mark live on the call, …you’ll win 500 TrafficSwarm credits instantly.
In fact, the best three questions submitted, answered, and discussed on the call will win 500 credits.

So don’t be bashful. Instead, be selfish. Pretend like your own question is the most important question among the hundreds of members of the club.

Because it probably is.

See you on the call this Thursday at Noon PDT, 3pm EDT?

Here’s the link to either join the coaching club for a dollar or login to your account and enter your question



Your Coaching Club Team,
Kaycee and Karla

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