Getting Conversions on Your Blog

So, what if your online business is all about selling your ebook.

What good is a blog to you?

Well the first answer is that blogs are Traffic Magnets — Search engines and people both love blogs.

But blogs also do their best work by helping your traffic become more familiar with who you are, and what you’re about.

It’s no coincidence that most people like to buy things they need from people they know. A blog gives you an opportunity to show your traffic who you are, and why you’re worth buying from.

Blogs are, by nature, full of free content. So your readers will be getting a big eyeful of the value of your content. Your job, as the owner of a blog about your specialty, is to impress your readers so much that they think to themselves “If his free stuff is THIS good, then the paid stuff has got to be EVEN BETTER!”

And on the path to getting your traffic to buy from you are some opportunities for getting your readers to take action and strengthen his relationship with you.

For example, even though Squeeze Pages are an excellent way to get opt-ins, there’s nothing wrong with putting an opt-in form right on your blog.

One other thing you’ll see on blogs are ads.

Now, these ads don’t have to be paid ads from other marketers. They can just as easily be ads for your own products.

Got another product in a related field? Put an ad for it on your website. Are you an affiliate for a related product? Put an affiliate ad for it on your website. Do you have a list you’re trying to build for your main product?

Heck, you can even put an ad for your squeeze page’s free offer on your website.

Of course, you can also add links to your Twitter feed, your Facebook page, and a bunch of other social media sites that you use to spread your message.

All of these links will help you either sell more product, or build your relationship with your readers.

So do you see the power of using a blog to support your online business? I hope so, because there’s a bunch of resources in the Coaching Club this month to help you build and promote your own blog.

If you’re a member, log into the coaching club now. If you’re not yet a member, you might just be a dollar away from the most important part of your online marketing machine. Sign up now.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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