Google Adwords Account Setup

A Quick Reminder for you

Don’t forget, this weeks’ Coaching Club webinar is going to be at a special time: TODAY, Wednesday at noon pacific (3pm EST)

And during this special Coaching Club event, Mark is going to be setting up a brand new Google Account from scratch…maybe for YOU.

That’s right. I’m asking for volunteers who would like to have their Adwords account set up for them, Free.

I’ll walk you through it step by step, and actually do the work for you, live during the coaching club. We’ll select some keywords, organize your account, write a couple of ads, and teach you a lot more about Adwords along the way.

Some people pay thousands of dollars to have this kind of work done for you…and I’ll do it for you free.

The only requirements are:

* You are a Coaching Club member
* You have a website
* You want more traffic, laser targeted to your market

If that’s you, then log into the Coaching Club and volunteer using the Ask a Question box (right side of the screen).

Tell me your name, your phone number, your email address, your website’s URL, a little bit about your business, and a few of the keywords you think you would want to bid on.

That’s it.

Are you ready?

Then if you’re a member, volunteer now in the Ask a Question box

Hurry and volunteer, because ALL members are eligible to win this great (and potentially profitable) prize.

To Your Success,


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