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The other week we talked about Charles Kirkland’s one day affiliate project. He used Google Adwords to send traffic to a specific offer he found on a CPA network.

The result was that Charles traded about $900 for almost $5,000.

In case you don’t remember, a CPA network is a website that brings marketers like you together with merchants who want to buy leads. You supply the traffic, and they’ll convert them to leads and pay you for each one.

If it’s easier for you to find traffic, then it just might be easier to find a winning campaign.

Charles found his traffic with Google Adwords. But how did he choose the CPA offer he sent traffic to?

Well, he happened to notice a CPA offer that featured Susan Boyle, a contestant in “Britain’s Got Talent” whose voice took the world by storm. Ms. Boyle was pretty much world famous by that time, but not quite the talk of the town today, 5 months later.

But back then, she was hot!

So how do you know what is hot, and what is not?

Well the smart people over at Google are always figuring out new ways to use the massive amounts of data they collect. One of those ways can help you a lot to figure out what people are searching for.

It’s called Google Trends, and you can find it at

Google Trends shows the relative number of searches for a particular keyword as compared to the total number of searches across all of Google.

For example, if you were to go to Google Trends right now, and type in ‘susan boyle’, you’d see a graph that was at zero for several years, and then spikes in April, 2009. It’s back down to near zero again, as I type this.

To help you view the results better, you can adjust the time period for your search, so you can see how a search term grows over time…or even declines suddenly.

Google Trends will even footnote the graph for you, and tell you what events happened on certain dates along the graph. These footnotes will help you understand why the graph spikes or drops in certain spots. And of course, everything on the page is linkable and searchable. Google will also show you how popular your search term is in different regions around the world.

So what if you have had your head in the sand and don’t know what’s popular? Well Google Trends will also show you what’s popular now. Right on their home page, they’ll show you a list of “Today’s Hot Trends”.

Okay, so how does this help you as an affiliate?

CPA sites often relate their products to current events. For example, the ad that Charles Kirkland promoted featured a question about Susan Boyle and an opportunity for the reader to win a free iPod.

Well, You can use Google Trends to measure the popularity of any search term associated with a CPA campaign. You can even use it for new keyword ideas, product ideas, affiliate promotion ideas … anything at all.

Google Trends is very powerful, but Google has even more ways to slice up and show you keyword data.

And I’ll be telling you about them in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, go take a look at Google Trends to see how it can help you and your affiliate promotion business. And go sign up at if you aren’t promoting CPA offers yet.

There’s money to be made!

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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