Making Links that Google Loves

Making Links that Google Loves

If you’ve got your own website, or even if you don’t, you’re going to want to know this important tip about creating Links Google Loves.

That’s because when you write in a blog, or update your own website, or are posting to Web 2.0 sites, your goal is to get someone to read your content. And your goal is to also get people — and search engines — to follow your links.

And when those links point to other sites of yours, or to your affiliate or CPA links, each of your links can potentially earn you big bucks.

Have you ever seen a link that looks like this?

“Check out my herbal diet program here. ”

Do you see how the link is the word “here”? Well, that’s a BIG WASTE of a link for you.

That’s because the job of a search engine is to link information together in a meaningful way. Part of the “meaning” that it learns about a page comes from the links that point to that page.

So, what does a search engine learn if the link is the word “here”???


Same goes for “home page” or “my site” or anything non-descriptive.

The words that appear in your link are called the “anchor text” and Google, Yahoo, and all the lesser search engines look at the anchor text in all the links that point to a page in order to get the page’s meaning.

That means that if you’re linking to a page on your website, make your link from the keywords that someone would use to find pages like yours. For example, if you had a diet website, a better way to make that link would be like this:

“Check out my herbal diet program.”

When Google sees this link, it knows it’s going to find an “herbal diet program” on the other side.

This simple technique will help you rank higher on all of your websites. Now, go take a look at Google and see where your site ranks for your most important keywords.

Then, go back and change the links on your site that go from page to page, and try to modify the links on other sites you control (like your Facebooks pages, your Squidoo pages, etc) and change those links, too.

Then check your Google rankings a few weeks later. You’ll see how much of a difference it will make!

Improving your website, and getting more traffic, is not THAT hard to do. And if you think about it, it just make sense, doesn’t it? Well, chances are you didn’t know this before you started to read this article. And now that you do, you can put the information to work for you.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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  1. Steven just missed a great opportunity to create a google friendly link. Could have used his keywords here instead of his name. I also happen to be believer that Google look at no-follow links. C’mon goole looks at everything.