Hands on Demonstration: Split tests

This week, we’re wrapping up our focus on Split Testing with an actual hands-on demonstration.

We’re going to be setting up a test using Google Website Optimizer.

If you’re not running any split tests yet, you should be. And one of the best tools to use when you’re just starting out is Google’s Website Optimizer. Not only is it a top notch tool, but it’s Free, too.

So what I’ll be doing is showing you how to set up a test using Website Optimizer. Plus I’ll show you what some real life results look like.

By the way…I’m planning on setting up optimizer for a demonstration page, but if you’ve always wanted to start split testing and have a page you want to test (like a squeeze page or a sales page), then write me and maybe I’ll install Website Optimizer on your page.

Then, you’ll be on your way to improving your website’s performance, getting more leads, and making more money.

The best part is, I’ll do the work for you.
Sound good?

Register for the Webinar at the Coaching Club homepage

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And if you want to volunteer your page for this week’s webinar, and have me set up your split test for you, then log into the coaching club and fill out the Ask a Question Box. Just tell me your name, your email address, your phone number, and a link to the page you wnat to test, and a description about its current performance. I’ll pick a good example from those who apply.

To Your Success,

-Mark Widawer

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