How Squeeze Pages Can Get You More Sales And More Money

One of the questions that seems to be popping up a bit on the blog is about how many people are getting traffic, but no sales.

And there’s a bunch of people who are asking how to get “leads”, and build a list.

So, I asked a well respected Internet Marketing coach that I know — his name is Mark Widawer — to answer the question for you.

I expected him to say he’d be “happy to write something up”, but I was surprised to discover that he sent me a video instead! And he said he’d make more, if our TrafficSwarm users liked them.

So, if you were wondering “What is a Squeeze Page?” and “How do squeeze pages help me sell more on my website,” then watch this video now.

Once you’re done, Mark is offering to answer more questions. So post your question below the video, after watching it.

OH, and be sure to say Thanks to Mark for making the video. That way, we’ll be sure to get more.


P.S. He sent me a few more already, which I’ll post. So watch this one now, and you’ll get another email from me in a few days when the next one is posted.

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20 Responses to How Squeeze Pages Can Get You More Sales And More Money

  1. John Combe says:

    Hello Mark,
    I really enjoyed the info you discussed on your video.
    Where I`m at as a complete Newbie is, I have GetResponse as my
    Auto Responder and I have the PluginProfit Site as my main Business.
    As you are aware there are lots of squeeze pages available out there,
    if you generate your own squeeze page, how do you get the customer when
    they fill their name, and e-mail address, to be linked to this Business,
    as in, there must be some codes you need to insert into the squeeze page.
    Which at this time, I cannot even manage HTML on my website.
    On another tangent, (you would need the same for a squeeze page I`d imagine),
    where can I source info on directions for teaching myself HTML code to
    insert into my site, even more, for free as I`m not making any sales
    to be able to invest in my business as yet???
    Again, this kind of info for someone in my position is precious.


    John Combe

  2. Jose Negrete says:

    Thanks Mark for your info. Keep the videos coming!!

  3. john says:

    Hi Mark, great info on the first squeeze page video. My question is, should I use a squeeze page on my main web-site to promote an affiliate program?
    Thanks Mark Looking forward to your next video

  4. Lilly says:

    Hi Mark,I am a Newbie when it comes to all the technical apects of Internet Marketing and Advertising but, after listenting to you I feel confident that I can learn a whole lot from you. Your presentation was clear, concise, and easy to understand. I am looking forward to hearing about Auto Responders and technical issues. Thanks Lilly

  5. Mark Widawer says:

    Hello John, and Bill, and everyone else…
    Great question about putting a squeeze page on an Affiliate site. Here’s the low-down on that.
    You generally will not have access to the merchant’s website.
    As an affiliate you’re paid to generate traffic that turns into leads, but the site itself is not yours.
    So…when people opt into the merchant’s site, they go onto HIS list, not YOUR list.
    How do you fix that?
    You put up a squeeze page on your own site, that makes a good offer that is consistent with the product you’re sending them to…like a free report, a review, 7 tips, a free video about the same topic, and so on.
    Offer that on your squeeze page.
    Then, on the Thank You page, put your affiliate link that points to the merchant’s site…or better yet, make the page redirect automatically to your affiliate link.
    Now, you’ve got the traffic going to the affiliate…AND you are building your list.
    Cool, right?

    Now, to those waiting for MORE VIDEOS…
    I’ve got one all done. The folks at TrafficSwarm are about to post it, but we’re just making sure it doesn’t do goofy things when a ton of people watch it at the same time, like the last one did.

    As soon as that’s handled, we’ll post it, and send you out a notice that it’s there for you.


    Keep asking your questions…I’ll come back as often as I can to answer them.

    –Mark Widawer

  6. Margaret Branham says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks so much for the information on “Squeeze Pages” I’ve seen a lot of these pages and signed up on a lot as well. But never knew exactly what they were called:\ So after watching your video, I now do and am interested in adding one to the website that I and my husband have hosted with selling handcrafted jewelry that I make.

    I have listed on my homepage that anyone who would like to sign up to receive updates on my website or to be on my mailing list to go to my “Contact Us” page where I have a form there for them to fill out with this type of information. But I don’t have a “Squeeze Page” or this type of area listed on my home page. So, I’m just wondering if this is something that I should think about adding? I get visitors to my site, but so far no sales. I’ve had my domain name for a couple of years and had our site up before hosted through another company. But they changed some things that we didn’t like so our site was down for several months and we just recently got it back online. We do also have a “Guestbook” page but so far with that we’ve only had other what I call “Spammers” putting their links on and that’s it.

    So my question is, do you think that our site would benefit and help us get more sales from the traffic that we do get if we add a “Squeeze Page” to our site? If so could I just make this an area on my “Home” page or would I need to add this as a new page?

    If you would like to check out my site and let me know what you think, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thanks for the great information and I look forward to watching to your next video’s:)

    Thanks again,
    Margaret Branham

  7. Joel says:

    I’m a newbie at this and would truly like to receive the other videos…

    I would like to be able to construct landing pages for this site…

  8. Mohamed Beshr says:

    very good dedio about squeeze page
    i want to learn more about it


  9. Joel says:

    i have a sqeeze page and my question is, do i or can you have to much on a sqeeze page? i have 3 diffrent auto responders on one of my sqeeze pages and a lot of content. but its because im offering many diffrent things and most are free! my page is like, well you can do just about anything from there! ill inclued the link to my page so you can tell me what you think!

    for the record, ive been trying to make money on line for about 10 years and i started out with the notion that i know everything and i took no advise from no one and because of that i got nowere! i had no ideal what an auto responder was or a sqeeze page, i was just promoting affiliate links for years and getting nowere! my goal then was to make money without spending a dime, i still would like to proove that thats posable, but i question that! i have just recently started to take advise and quit being stubern about it, knowing now that i know nowere near everything there is to know about it! lol im learning now about writing blogs and i have a few but i wont go into that.

  10. Mark Widawer says:

    Hello Joel.
    If you’ve got a squeeze page with three different autoresponders on it, it’s not a squeeze page.
    The idea of a squeeze page is that the customer has only one choice to make — one thing he can either decide to do or not do. And, that one thing means he’s leaving his name and email address.
    If you’ve got a lot of choices, and links to other things, it’s not a squeeze page, and you’re likely going to get a 2-5% conversion rate on that page, rather than the 20-30% that you should be getting.
    So send your different kinds of traffic to different squeeze pages with your different offers.
    You’ll do lots better (and make more money).
    Is that helpful? Let me know.

    –Mark Widawer

    p.s. There are few people, Joel, who think they actually know everything, and actually do. In fact, those who do know everything will always tell you they’ve got more to learn.

    That’s why they all have coaches, teachers, and mentors of their own.

    So kudos to you for your wisdom. And thanks for asking your question.


  11. Hello,

    Just great.A properly setup squeeze page can certainly do more for your online business.



  12. Some good ideas regarding squeeze pages and how to implement them.

  13. jerry Legere says:

    Thanks for the info I am working on improving my site so these really helps

  14. Jerry Legere says:

    Looking forward to your next Video on the second Page pleasse let me now when it comes out

  15. Lu says:

    I am so impressed by the information you provided. The basics were explained thoroughly and was easy to understand. I can’t wait to see more from you on Splash pages. I thoroughly appreciate the fact you didn’t blow smoke and tell me ALL your past history. I am impressed enough with the information provided that your credibility zoomed. Thanks again. I will be looking for more from you.

    Congratulations on doing a great job! Lu

  16. Mona says:

    Great video. I didn’t realize that a Squeeze Page was the same as a Lead Capture Page. Thanks for enlightening me. I would like to learn more about successful/more effective Squeeze Pages.


  17. Lisa Veal says:

    Hello, I do have a job that I am about to dive right into. I just know that I will succeed this time and I have TrafficSwarm as my homepage and I really do appreciate the video you gave. I have heard of squeeze pages although I knew a little about them, this really cleared some things up and it was free. I would really love some more videos for help to people with their own businesses. I think blogs would be very interesting and helpful. By the way, I will be using TrafficSwarm again as I open my back office and get started again. Thankyou very much and good day to all of TS associates.

    Sincerely, Lisa Veal

    ps-once again-very helpful.

  18. Lisa Veal says:

    TrafficSwarm is definitely one of the very best autoresponders to use for your home business for sure. If you didn’t know, please give em’ a try.

    Thanks again, Lisa Veal

  19. Hi,

    Great Information. How do you connect your autoresponder with the squeeze page?

  20. Very good video, very informative, this will come in handy when I begin my campaigns next week.

    Thanks Norm