How To Write For Your Blog

Let’s say you’re an affiliate and are going to set up a blog as the heart of your web business.

You’re probably wondering “what do I write in my blog”?

Well, here are a few ideas for you.

1) Write about your own experiences. Lots of people have passions, and some of those passions are shared by millions of people. Heck, look at quilting — a billion dollar business in the USA — as a great example. Or how about Fly Fishing. Or Golf (HUGE money in golf, if you didn’t know that already).

There are hundreds or thousands of topics you can write about — all you need is your own personal experience and expertise. Share it, and create some excellent content for your readers.

2) Write product reviews. In a recent Open Coaching Club call (I encourage you to attend these calls if you’d like some personal help with your website) we came across a plasma tv website which was full of reviews of plasma TVs.

That’s not so unusual, but what was fantastic is that the site appeared in Google ABOVE a huge site like for content about plasma TV reviews.

This blog featured ads for related products that are most certainly making the owner big money.

Do you have a hobby that’s a bit expensive? Then you’ve got a good chance of making money with a site about that topic.

3) Write about other websites in your field. You can easily find plenty to do by writing about other websites who write about your content. One of the advantages of taking this approach is that Google loves outbound links to related sites — which you should include if you’re writing about another site. Plus, people will “bookmark” your site if you write about great content on other sites. They’ll come to rely on you as a valuable and trusted resources.

And Google will begin to view your site as an authority in your topic.

4) Write nothing. Copy someone else’s articles instead. You’ve probably heard of Article Marketing already. That’s where people write articles on a topic so that they can get traffic back to their website. They post these articles at article distribution sites like All you need to do is go to a site like this and find articles on your topic. Then copy & paste the articles (including the ‘byline’ and link at the end of the article) you find there into your blog.

Do this enough times and you’ll have plenty of targeted content on your topic.

So can you use at least one of these strategies to fill out your blog? I bet you can. Better yet, use two or more of them to build a site that is meaningful for the people who visit you.

Oh, and how will you make money with your blog?

That’s easy. Just sign up for affiliate programs, Google Adsense, or CPA networks and place the ads on your site.

But we’ll talk about that in an upcoming article.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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