How we doing?

So as an update, we have been working working overtime to get these bugs outta here!

The showing of ads has definately been cleaned up, but there might still be some accounts out there that are still having problems.

Remember folks, we are getting more people surfing lately, so put a credit caps on your ads. Credit rate is running fast right now. By putting a caps on your ads will allow you to control credits better. If not, the system will show as many times possible if you have credits.

Coming soon:
Downline: We will be getting that wanted DOWNLINE back up very very soon… tomorrow soon we are expecting, as long as I don’t bug our programmers with other issues.
This will be located in the section under My Commissions, Referral Section.

Site Builder: Trying to get this function up this week too…stay tuned. Might be early next week, but soon folks very soon.

Coaching Club/TTF Clubs: My bad, I didn’t save the new webinar registrations on the members homepage. They are up there now. If you aren’t already a member join, we have twice monthly webinars on anything Internet Marketing Related and will help you one on one with your sites and offers. It is only a $1 to join and you will get 1000 credits…..not sure what the hold up would be if there was one. Plus I’m always one the webinars and will give out credits plus free upgraded memberships if there is participation.

Testimonial: Ummm Free advertisements?! This is open to anyone who wants to comment on the site, not just plug your own site. That is what a testimonial is. After your comment on Tswarm you can have your URL and contact information. That is crawled by search engines. As we have made many pages open for SEO except the obvious members only pages.

Anywho, that’s it for today……

Thanks for being there through this growing period. :)

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