Important Split Testing Terms

If you’re going to start split testing, you’re going to need to learn a few new words. Understanding this new vocabulary will help you improve your business with split testing as fast as possible.

* Test — The experiment you are running.

* Factor — A factor is the thing you’ll be changing and specifically testing for, such as Headlines. If you’re testing different prices, then “price” is the factor. An important part of a successful split testing is choosing the right factors to test. Headlines and prices are good places to start.

* Option — An option is the variation you are testing. For example, if you are testing the “headline” factor, then the text of the two different headlines you are testing are the “options”.

* Action — An action is the thing you are trying to get your visitors to do. On a squeeze page, the action is an opt-in. On a sales page, the action is a sale.

* Impression — Advertisers use the term “impression” to mean each time someone sees your ad. In testing, we define the term pretty much the same way. An impression is the opportunity for the action to take place.

* Conversion — A Conversion is when the action happens. Sometimes (actually, far more than we would like) there’s an impression without the action being taken. In other words, people see your squeeze page but don’t opt-in. What we want is for someone to see our page and then take the action. We call that instance a “conversion”. It means that someone is converting themselves from one status (prospect, for example) into a new status (like “customer”).

* Conversion Rate — A conversion rate is the the percentage of times your conversions happen. Divide Conversions by Impressions to get the Conversion Rate.

That’s it for now. We’ll have more terms, and more good information about how to run split tests in the Coaching club. If you haven’ t yet seen the recording of the split testing webinar, go log into the coaching club now to watch it.

And tune in for this week’s webinar!

To Your Success,

-Mark Widawer

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