Internet Success Story: Interview with a Serial Internet Entrepreneur

If you’re looking to make money online, you could model yourself after some real technical people who can build websites as easily as a spider spins webs.

Or you could fashion yourself after “marketing experts” who have been in the business of selling stuff for dozens of years.

Or, you could pay attention to someone more like yourself. A regular guy or gal who has a day job, and tinkers around on the internet in his spare time, patiently learning one new thing at a time, persistently applying what he learns, and then consistently raking in several thousands of dollars a month.

We’ll find out exactly how much on the call on Thursday at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, in the Money Makers Coaching Club, Mark will be interviewing Jay Rosenzweig, a self employed businessman who has parlayed his internet success into what I call “serial internet entrepreneurism.”

Just wait till you hear his story, including how he built one of his very first websites and then sold it for $200,000.

No kidding.

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To Your Success,

Mark Widawer, Kaycee Edenfield, and The Trafficswarm Team

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