It’s December, we have all been waiting for it!

Hello ALL,

So it’s finally D-Day, a day that markters, shop owners and affiliates have been waiting for all year.

What’s D-Day?

Well, it’s December, and if you weren’t all eager and excited about all the new buying that pretty much started around Halloween this year, now that it’s December, you’ve got to know that it’s finally, really and truly here.

The Holiday season.

If you’re in a commercial kind of business, then you’re likely to find that your clients need to spend money before the end of the year. But if your customers are regular people — consumers — then you’ve got a feeding frenzy going on.

Sales are already up from last year, and if I can help it at all, they’ll be better for YOU this year, too.

That’s why today, Thursday, in our Open Coaching Call, we’ll be focusing on what you can do to make sure that you get more traffic and make more sales during this busy time of year.

Bring your questions, and I’ll bring along a few tips.

Let’s get some money flowing your way.

Sound good to you?

Today’s Open Coaching Call is at 12 Noon PST, 3pm EST. Just register here:

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. The Open Coaching Calls are getting busier and busier. Bring your questions and we’ll get them answered for you. But you’ve got to register to get on the call. Registering is free and takes about 30 seconds. Do it now:

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