How to Connect With Your Customer So That His Wallet Will Follow

The ‘official’ name for this month’s focus in the coaching club was going to be “Knowing your Customer.”

After all, it’s a critical part of online marketing.

But that’s not a catchy title. It’s down-right boring, unless you already understand the idea, and why it’s so incredibly important to your own personal success online.

“Knowing your Customer” is factually correct, but it doesn’t tell you anything at all about why you’d care. There’s no benefit in that title. No reason why. No attraction. No urgency.

No movement.

So we worked hard to find some other title for this month’s Coaching Club that would instantly appeal to someone like you. We wanted a title that would laser target itself into your brain so that your immediate response was “That’s for ME! I need that!”

The important thing about knowing your customer should be obvious, but it isn’t to many people. Especially new internet marketers.

Many new marketers think that there’s a river of gold online, and all they need to do is buy a pan and dip it into the river to get their share.

It’s not that way.

Internet Marketing is more like an ocean.

Lotsa fish. Lotsa people trying to catch those fish. Most of them using the wrong bait.

(You’ve heard me talk about stuff like this before.)

Its your job to use the right bait.

And the only way to use the right bait is to know about the fish you want to catch. Are they bottom feeders or top feeders? What kinds of little critters do they eat? What time of day do they feed? Do they lie in wait or do they go searching for their food?

So how does that translate to real live people shopping online?

Well, you’ve got to know who they are and what situation they’re in.

Are they in pain or are they looking for fun?
Do they need something or do they want something?
Do they know much about what they are buying or are they generally uneducated about the topic?
Is it a quick, impulsive kind of sale or is the sales cycle longer?

There are potentially hundreds of questions you could ask, and the answer to each one of them gets you closer to understanding who your customers are, what they need, and what would get them to buy from you.

And if you really do know your customer, you’ll instantly know what it is they want to buy, are eager to buy, and starving to buy.

So, we’re calling this month’s Coaching Club theme “How to Connect With Your Customer So That His Wallet Will Follow”.

Does that sound like something you want to know? Are you thinking to yourself “Yes! That’s for ME!”???

It should, if you are at all interested in being successful with your online business.

So log into the coaching club now, if you’re a member, and get Prospect Xray, my ebook all about knowing your customer. Err….I should say that it’s my ebook about Connecting to your customer so that his wallet will follow.

And make sure you attend this weeks’ webinar, where I’ll take you, step by step, through the process of knowing your customer, connecting with him, understanding why he’d want to buy from you, and getting him to pull out his wallet and give you what’s inside.

If you’re not yet a member of the Coaching Club, what are you waiting for? You can sign up for as little as a dollar, and get Prospect Xray, attend the webinar, and have access to all of the other Internet Marketing content in the club.

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To Your Success,

-Mark Widawer

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