Is Your Website Leaking Money?

Is Your Website Leaking Money?

Your website might be leaking money, and you might not even know it.

Several years ago, I was speaking at a live seminar, and I remember someone submitting their website for me to review. The site’s owner had written an ebook all about how to quit smoking in something like 7 days.

And if I’m not mistaken, his technique had something to do with hypnosis.

And so I’m looking through his site and I see he’s got a well written headline, some good inspiring images, some good sales copy, some links to other pages on his site and some testimonials.

And then he had some quote from some other well-known hypnotist. The quote gave this hypnotist’s expert opinion that hypnosis is a good way to quit smoking…and his name was a link to the expert’s website.

…which would not have been terribly bad except that the expert was selling his own product to teach people how to stop smoking through hypnosis!

I asked the man who I was speaking with why he was linking to this other website. He answered that it was for the credibility. The other hypnotist was better known than he was, and thought that having his quote, and proof that he said what he had quoted, was important.

What he didn’t realize was that he had created a big huge leak on his website with this link.

The leak was there simply because of the link itself. But he had made it bigger by selecting a link that offered a competing product that he wasn’t getting paid for. (ie the link was not an affiliate link — just a straight link.)

Do YOU have leaks on your website?

In some cases it’s okay, and there may actually be reasons that you absolutely must have links from your site to other sites. But if you’re looking for a sale, don’t put a link on your sales page to some other page. It simply serves as a distraction to your buyer — and you may be sending his money somewhere else.

So, take a look at your sales page now.

Look for leaks, and plug them.

Now, how would you know if people were leaving your site without buying? Well, checking your sales figures is one way to find out. Another is to check your statistics for ‘exit pages’.

Google Analytics can show you where people enter your site, and where they leave, after how long, and what they did on your site while they were there. If you don’t have the power of Google Analytics working for you on your website, discover exactly how to get Analytics set up and working for you, this month in the Money Makers Coaching Club.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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