Make More Money as an Affiliate with Trafficswarm

You already know how valuable a skill split testing can be. It can double, triple, and even 10x your traffic, your list size, and your revenue.

But when most internet marketers — beginners and intermediates alike — think about split testing, they mostly think about split testing on sales pages and squeeze pages.

While testing on sales pages and squeeze pages is critical to your success as an e-marketer, you can only do that if you own the pages you are sending traffic to.

And unfortunately, affiliates are not the owners of the products that they are promoting.

So the question is how do you leverage the power of split testing if you’re just an affiliate using TrafficSwarm?

Well here’s how.

Let’s say that you’ve decided you want to be in the weight loss business — you’ve done a little bit of research to find that it’s an evergreen topic, people who need to lose weight are desperate for help, and thousands of people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every day to get thinner.

So you decide to promote a weight loss product from Clickbank, and you’ve picked one that you think is going to convert well for you. Hey, it looks good, has a high gravity, and they pay a hefty percentage as a commission.

Normally, what you’d do is just write up your ad in TrafficSwarm, assign it a bunch of credits, paste in your affiliate URL, and let the ad run.

Sound good?

Well, that’s too bad, because frankly, that is how you’ll never grow your business. You’re destined to the results you get from the start…or worse.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you make money by promoting that product if you could have made more by promoting some other competing product.

So what you should do instead is go find two competing products at Clickbank in the same niche. Use an identical ad for each of them, and assign an identical number of credits to the ad. The ONLY difference between this ad and the first one is the affiliate URL you’re sending traffic to.

Now, let both ads run until you’ve used up all the assigned credits.

Once the credits are used up, take a quick look at how much money you’ve made by promoting each product. It’s almost a certainty that one of the products will have earned you more than the other.

But your testing doesn’t stop there, because that’s not the entire story.

You see, even though you’ve had the same number of advertising impressions (ie the number of times your ad was seen by someone), and even though the ads were identical, statistics says that the two ads will have a different number of clicks.

So what you want to do is compare the value of each and every click you get from this experiment. For example, if you earned $200 from 100 clicks, you’ve got a value per click of $2. It’s simple math, really: Revenue earned divided by Clicks.

So, figure out your “value per click” for each of your two ads. Clickbank makes it easy to see your sales for each product, and TrafficSwarm will show you how many clicks each ad got.

A few clicks on your calculator or spreadsheet and you’ll have your answer.

If offer B makes you more than offer A, then drop offer A and run with offer B…but only for a short while. Your real revenue increase is going to come by going and finding another offer, let’s call it offer C, and running a new test.

If you keep on testing, and keep on improving your value per click, you’re on your path to making more money as an affiliate with TrafficSwarm traffic.

I talked about this in this month’s open coaching call. If you’re a coaching club member, then log in and watch the video, which was just posted over the weekend. If you’re not yet a member, just a dollar will get in you into the club.

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