Marketing to Everybody = Marketing to Nobody

Marketing to Everybody = Marketing to Nobody

I get questions from members frequently. Some of them are answerable, while others are not.

Or should I say — they are not answerable in the way that the person asking is expecting.

Here’s a question I got recently.

Dear mark, I have a marketing site that is not producing the returns I would like, so please advise me how I can achieve this requirement. My site is [url removed] and sells various items through big name suppliers like Amazon etc..

Hoping you can help. God Bless you.

Here’s a screen shot of the website.

Thank you for the blessings. I hope you still send them after reading this reply.

The site has news clippings from some wire service. It’s got weather. Entertainment news, Travel news, International news. …and a bunch of affiliate links to and other sites.

So who is this website for? Why would anyone go to this website? A better question might be, “Why would anyone go to this website a second time?”

If I were looking for news, I’d go to any one of a few dozen top news sites, like,,, my local, just to name a few.

Now, some people visit websites because they know it’s a good place to buy things. That’s why I buy stuff at and as frequently as I do.

But would I go to this website on my search for products?

No, not at all.

And it’s not because it’s a “bad” website, it’s just because there’s no reason to go to this site first.

Here’s my point:

This website has no point.

It’s got no specific purpose and no specific target to fulfill that purpose for.

The owner of this site is a nice person, with an honest desire to make money online, and I don’t mean to scold him. But I do want to give an important lesson to him…and to you.

You can’t set out in business to sell everything to everybody. It’s just not going to work.

Just because Amazon has managed to do it, and Wal-Mart can do it, doesn’t mean that you and your website are going to do it. These examples are notable because they are exceptions, not because they are the rule.

You will be far more effective in your online business if you do three things before anything else.

First, think about what group of people you want to help.

Second, think about who they are, the problems they have, and the needs they have.

Third, figure out how to give them those things.

That’s it!

After that, everything else is just mechanics.

Those things you deliver can be your own products, or you can simply refer people to other sites for those products as an affiliate. That part doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you pick something specific.

You can’t be everything to everybody. The result it that you’re nothing to everybody.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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  1. John m says:

    Thank you mark for your specific reply to my email, I appreciate it very much. I realize that I am a long way from the expertise that you
    mention. It is obvious now to me that I cannot utilize the’swarm’ service and would appreciate you not debiting my account. Many thanks again. God Bless you all. Pastor John m Sampson. M.B.E.