Naming Your Blog

A lot of people blaze right by one of the most important steps in setting up their blog: selecting the right domain name.

Your blog’s domain name is important because Google looks for meaning everywhere it can find it. Google learns what your site is about from your page names, your page titles, your header text, the text you boldface and italicize, even the names of your photos and images.

So, if Google uses all of those things to help figure out what your site is about, what do you think it would do with your domain name?

That’s right. Your domain name matter.

More than mattering to Google, it also matters to the person visiting your site.

Generally speaking, it’s best to get your most important keywords into your domain name, if possible. So if you are training people how to sell widgets, then “” might be a stellar name for you.

No only will Google know what your site is about, all the people who see your URL, or who end up on your website, will also know what your site is about.

Now, if your name is Joe Smith, you could also buy your name as your URL, like But the problem there is that the words “joe” and “smith” don’t necessarily mean anything to Google — or people — with respect to selling widgets.

Now, that all changes if Joe Smith is a world renowned expert on Widget sales. If that’s the case, then Google will know that Joe Smith is synonimous with selling widgets, and will rank you highly.

The problem really comes when new marketers expect that a quirky and unique name — or even the name of their existing company — is the right name for their site. Names like this have no meaning to Google, or to people who are learning about you for the first time, and will not induce them to click over to your site.

For example, what do you think that sells?

Does it even matter?

Not really. Not unless you own the company, and you’re wondering why there’s no one buying what you have to offer.

As an affiliate, you’ve got an opportunity name your site using a long, descriptive keyword. “” is a great name for a site that sells a product that teaches you how to sell widgets — even if you didn’t create the product.

So, when you’re buying a domain name, help your customers out. Heck, help Google out too. Put your keywords right into your domain name.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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