New Facebook Feature, lets chat about it

Hey All!

So Mark is busy on a consulting call right now, but I wanted to send out a reminder of the call in a couple hours.

We are still working on different ways to get traffic to your site(s) and offers, and this week we are looking more into the social media side. You know the giants Facebook and Twitter, how can they help you grow your online presence?

Almost everyone is using one or both of these modes of traffic and there are new ones coming out all the time. The only problem is how can even compete? Just today, Facebook launched a feature called “New Places”. It allows you to check in from various places and it alerts any of your friends nearby or tag if they are with you. Similar to Foursquare it sounds like.

How can this help business? Well think if you had a restaurant site, you want to get more customers in the door? Well send out a coupon that for any online users in the restaurant that checks in will recieve a free glass of wine, and anyone they get to come in that day will also recieve a free glass of wine. All by checking in.

It is just another feature that keeps sites like Facebook getting even more users. So who wouldn’t be on social networks? Why would you want to miss out on that huge audience? Today Mark will teach you a bit more on how you can get that audience to pay attention to you.

Here is your link to register, see you soon

Oh and you have any questions or ideas or comments, leave them below, we will chat about them today!


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