Newest Webinar for this Thursday

So as my Monday’s go… is simply a catch up days many times from the weekends, and then later past 5 pm I finally get into doing work.

It’s hard to decide what to do first, URL approvals, new business ideas, customer support, or deal with all the issues and fires that come about from living on the Internet.

Well I am now finally to the Coaching Club, and as some of you might have recognized we have plans to change things up a bit and work better with everyone. The problem is, we ask members what they want, and it seems to help them one on one. Well lucky for those members, we can do so. The problem inlies in the people participating in the webinar.

So what do we do??? There are some few participants actually on the webinar, asking questions and letting us take a peak at their sites. Yet should we go back to the old way of doing stuff, and pump content in, not knowing if people are actually learning? Seems like darts to me.

This Thursday we are going to do some back tracking. I have a friend that works in the design and branding field that is just now getting into blogging and social networking. She didn’t realize how important blogging is and social networking is….and nor does her boss. For myself because I am learning like all of you, we are going back for this webinar. Lets chat about the importance of blogging and/or social networking.

Here is your link to sign up:

And if you want to talk about other things as well….do it! I am sending this idea over to Mark, what idea do you want to send over?

See you Thursday

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