Niching Your Niche

You’ve heard me say lots of times before that understanding who your customer is, and why he’d buy from you is a very important first step.

Okay, let’s assume you believe me.

What then?

What do you do AFTER you know who your customer is? How does this knowledge of your customer affect what you do in your marketing?

Well, one of the great things about knowing who your customer is, is that you’re much more likely to realize that the market you’ve chosen has lots of little sub-markets inside of it.

For example, if you’ve got a product to help people lose weight, you might be thinking that your market is “all people who want to lose 10 to 100 pounds”.

Well, that’s a big niche with a lot of people, and it would take quite a lot of marketing to go up against the likes of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutri-System with your general, one-size-fits-all weight loss system.

Where, for example, would you advertise to find all people who want to lose weight? You could advertise just about anywhere to find heavy people. And it would cost you a fortune to do it.

But if you think about it a bit, inside of that large “weight loss” niche are so many smaller niches. If you don’t know this already, you ought to quickly learn that it’s far easier to gear your marketing towards a smaller niche, with its own specific needs, priorities, and world-views, than to a larger market.

It’s far easier to target your marketing towards a smaller niche, and you’re much more likely to make a big impact with all of your marketing.

Here are a few examples of sub-niches in the weight loss market:

Massive Weight Loss — The emotional and physical pains of those who are very obese is very real, and not very well understood by those who are of a more “standard” weight. If I were 100 pounds overweight, I wouldn’t think one of those other popular plans listed above would be for me. I’d believe that I’d need special attention, whether I really did or not. (That’s true, actually, of all of these sub-niches — everyone thinks they’re special, and are happy when someone else tells us that we are.)

Weight Loss for Diabetics — Diabetics have to control their weight, or their disease will worsen, and their reliance of drugs will increase. Plus, certain foods are just plain forbidden.

Special Event Weight Loss — Some people want to lose weight for a special event, like a high school reunion, a physical evaluation or even a date. Don’t quite “get” this idea yet? Well then think about a bride who wants to fit into her wedding dress of her dreams in just a month from now. Do you think she’s motivated? How do you think she’d react to a product called “The 21-Day Bride’s Diet — How to lose 12 pounds in 21 days, and look Beautiful in your wedding dress!” I think I know…she’d react with her credit card.

Weight Loss For Men — For some reason, most of the weight loss advertising I see is targeted at women, without coming out and saying so. The colors used are for women, and the words used often resonate better with women. But what about men? Nutri-system runs special ads for men, but those ads aren’t for the regular plan. They’re for a special men’s plan, and the ads feature quarterback Dan Marino. Smart! If I were in this market, I’d create a product named something like “Weight Loss for Former Jocks — How to get back to your college weight in 30 days or less.” Do you think that most 40+ and 50+ men (especially those who are recently divorced or who have lost their wife) would find a product by that name appealing?

Weight Loss for Specific Occupations — Oddly enough, some occupations create heavier workers. Think, for a moment, about the stereotypical police officer. He’s overweight and eating donuts, right? Well, it turns out that certain things about a police officer’s job — his shift, the time and opportunity to eat a healthy meal, and the amount of time he sits in a patrol car, or behind a desk — may result in him carrying several more pounds than he did when he graduated from the academy. To that person, a “Policeman’s Diet” would have special appeal.

There are endless niches within weight loss, and I could go on for a long while imagining new ones — some good and some not so good. And if I were going to enter into the weight loss market, that’s exactly what I’d do.

I’d imagine.

Then, I’d brainstorm the marketing for those niches. I’d take the best ones and do some market research to make sure that even though I was niching the market, that it was still plenty big for me to make a big chunk of dough.

And if it panned out, and everything looked good, I’d develop a product designed specifically for this niche.

That’s what you should do, too.

Now, this is particularly easy if you are developing a product from scratch, since you’re starting from a clean slate. But you should also know that if you already have a product, or are representing a product as an affiliate, or even if you are starting up a new blog (for adsense or affiliate marketing), you can still modify your own marketing for specific niches.

It’s not hard. It just takes a little bit of knowing your customer, and letting him know that you understand who he is and what his problems are. After that, his wallet will follow.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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