Hey Kaycee here,

Well the webinar is over, I hope that you all really enjoyed it and hopefully learned some great information.

If you didn’t don’t worry, we have recorded it and HERE IS THE RECORDED VERSION!!!

Now I really would love some feedback.

More specifically what questions do you have about content of the webinar or what do you feel would be another great subject that we can provide some insight on.

Remember that your success is our goal!

Really think hard on what you need to know to succeed online and make some $$$!!!

Please post below, we are anxiously awaiting!




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  1. Kaycee says:

    Thank you for the Webinar… very informative and detailed… I look forward to more.

  2. kathy salet says:

    I just was on the webinar and tried to get the link to the coaching.
    Couldn’t find it. Can you tell me how?
    thank you

    Yes Kathy, here is the link to join the priority list


  3. Michel says:

    I am sorry that I only caught the tail end of the webinar (last 30 Min). What I saw was insightful. But more important is the upcoming membership to additional training seminars that address my areas of interest which is mass traffic and conversions. I look forward to these offers and hope that Mark is going to lead them.

  4. L says:

    Love the Webinar and will be listening in on future ones. I found the information very helpful and will certainly endeavor to implement as much of it as I can. Great job Mark.

  5. Ken Smith says:

    Wow Kaycee

    All i have to say is that for once, i did’nt get bored with the speaker. Mark impressed me because he did’nt get off the subject with a lot of issues that did’nt pertain to what he was trying to convey to us. Just covering the basics of how to make a squeeze page, i learned more in this one session than several sessions with other speakers that always try to get you to buy high dollar software or try to get you to buy in to high dollar seminars that most of us trying to get started can’t afford. My sincere thanks to You, TrafficSwarm, and Mark.

  6. Johnny Lee says:

    Kaycee & Mark,

    Thank you,

    Great webinar. I learned a lot.
    Good job!!

    Let’s have more…

    Johnny Lee

  7. Thanks Kaycee and Mark. the webinar was great. I learned alot and will be waiting for more videos and templates. I will watch the video again-so much to absorb, lots of information that I can use.

  8. Mark and Kaycee,

    Thank you very much, great webinar,
    very informative, I hope you have a downloadable copy, I would love to have one, to go back and review it all.

    Again thank you for helping myself and others.

    Norm Heseltine

  9. Michele says:

    It was great! I really learned a lot and I look forward to hearing more next Tuesday.

    Thank you!!!

  10. Kaycee says:

    Thank you for your feedback, the more we get the better we learn of our members.

    I understand each suggestion and comments you have made, yet I want to reinterate that this is an example of all the content you will be recieving in the Money Makers Coaching Club. And as Mark and Trafficswarm want, the audience will definately participate in future webinars and the LIVE Q &A section. We really want to know what questions our members have. For this webinar, I highly suggest people to post feedback and questions on the blog.

    Also we started the webinar off by letting everyone know that we recorded the entire session, for people to reference or for members who didn’t or couldn’t catch the live version. We will have this version available very soon. So please stay tuned

    Once again thanks so much for your comment upon the webinar, and please ask your 12 or so questions on here for our responses and also other members as well.

    Best Regards

  11. Kaycee says:

    Thanks Alan for the kind words!

    For the recent posted link for the Webinar replay, we have broke the sections down. This way viewers can watch or rewatch any section they want to; maybe walk a way for a bit and then come back and watch another section.

    Great Feedback from both you and Dolly though!

    We want to know how our users feel and the questions…or suggestions they have :)

    Looking foward to yours!


  12. Nosa says:

    That was excellent presentation I have seen in recent times.It contains very valuable marketing information, tips and priceless advice. Mark makes difficult topic simple to understand. Thank you TrafficSwarm for making this happen.

  13. Lynette St.Cyr-Caesar says:

    Hello Mark and Kaycee,
    Thanks very much for the webinar.I think the information was very insightful and priceless.
    For a newbie, explanation of some internet terminology went a long way to my understanding of this internet business.
    I’m learning and thanks for helping me on my journey.

  14. Isola Peters says:

    Mark and Kaycee,

    I did watch the Webinar on Tuesday evening. This
    was as close as anything I have seen without being in a classroom. I had often wished I had access to training like this…someone behind me tell me the next move to make or I could be behind someone and watch what the did.

    As far as other topics, I need so much…you cannot miss me.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity.


  15. Kaycee and Mark,

    Thanks for putting together this webinar. You definitely covered the basics of creating a squeeze page. However, I must add that it was a bit difficult for me to stay on track. The information and instruction was somewhat choppy in delivery and, hence, became somewhat confusing. I took notes as I watched and listened, but now that I’ve gone over my notes, I’m not sure I’m clear on all the sequential steps and technical how-to’s.

    Like everything else, it will probably take some practice and repetition to get the process mastered.

    Thanks again for sharing your expertise,

  16. Moriya says:

    My question is… When is it appropriate to use bold letters or italicized words in an email marketing message? Are there rules about this?

  17. Linda says:

    Thanks Kaycee & Mark:

    This was an outstanding presentation. The video and slide presentation made understanding how to create a squeeze page understandable. You’ve taken the mystery out of doing it and I’m not so intimdated now.

    There was so much valuable information in this webinar, I’ll have to review it again to make sure I’ve caught it all. For example “free” Webpage Editor–Kompozer and “free” FTP Program–Filezilla.


    Thanks again, Traffice Swarm is really there for the “newbie”.

  18. Ian says:

    Thanks Kaycee & Mark:

    Thank you for the great Webinar which was very informative and detailed.I look forward to more.

  19. Kelly Brown says:

    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  20. Mark L says:

    Hi Kaycee and Mark,

    Great Webinar I will go over it as much as needed, but I think the holes are filled. Especially with FTP and making the actual pages. I thank you for all your hard work taking time with the average marketer or newbie. I will be waiting for your next lesson. Please let us know and thanks again.