Starting Simple With CPA Marketing

Starting Simple with CPA Marketing

In this month’s Money Makers Coaching Club, I interviewed Zac McGrath of

Zac is an affiliate manager at ROI Rocket, and gave us some great information on how to get started with CPA Marketing.

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition.” What it really means is that you get paid when your traffic signs up for something free from some advertiser.

You drive the traffic. They provide the website. They pay you.

It’s as simple as that.

But not all CPA offers are equivalent.

Some CPA offers pay a lot, and others pay a tiny bit.

But those CPA offers that pay a lot — we’re talking $40 or $50 or more — will require the website visitor to give up a lot of information (like a name, home address, and salary information) or even pay for shipping for an item that is otherwise free.

Some cheaper CPA offers will only ask for an email address, a first name, and sometimes only a zip code.

Yes, just a zip code.

Lots more people will visit and opt into a free offer that only asks for a zip code.

And so that’s the heart of the lesson for today about being a CPA Affiliate: Don’t choose a CPA offer to promote only on the basis of the payout. It’s often a lot easier to get 100 people to offer up their zip code (and earn 25 cents for each one) that it would be to get a single person to pay a few dollars for the shipping of a $50 item.

And so, you stand a better chance, depending on the offer itself, of making as much or more money by promoting simple and cheap CPA offers rather than more expensive ones.

If you’ve got any doubt, then just ask your CPA Affiliate Manager. You’ll find him at your affiliate Network.

There’s lots more information about making money with CPA Marketing in the Interview I did with Zac on Tuesday. If you were on the call live, you know how good Zac’s information was. If you missed the live call, don’t worry.

The recording will be posted to the Money Makers Coaching Club by Friday.

Now, wasn’t that simple?

Most marketing information is very simple, once you know the answer. But heck, it seems like rocket science unless someone explains it to you.

That’s what the Money Makers Coaching Club is all about, though.

So bring your questions and your curiousity to the club. If you’re a member, then great! You’ll get the Interview with Zac as part of your membership. And you can comment and ask more questions in the MMCC forum.

If you’re not yet a member, consider signing up today. It’s just a dollar, and the interview with Zac could put you on a path to earn many thousands more than that.

Yes, I want Online Coaching for a DOLLAR!
To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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