Step By Step Testing Can Multiply Your Revenue

So we’ve been talking about testing all month. If you’re a merchant, selling your own product, have you started testing your squeeze pages or sales pages? If you’re an affiliate, have you started testing different offers?

Well no one can help you if you don’t start helping yourself. But if you’re a merchant, let me see if today’s lesson gets your motor running…

This lesson’s got the promise of Big Bucks, if you just do testing the easy way, one step at a time. In fact, if you use this tip, you can increase your sales by over 700%. And I’ll prove it to you, with some simple math.

Let’s assume you’ve got your entire marketing funnel set up online. So that means you’re running some ads (TrafficSwarm ads, Google ads, whatever), and you’re sending people to a squeeze page. That squeeze page sends your traffic to some autoresponders, which in turn sends interested people to the sales page.

That’s pretty typical, right? I mean, if you’re paying attention at all to online marketing, you’ll see that this is the experience that you have as you respond to online ads, land on websites, and ultimately buy.

So let’s also say that you’ve got things set up so well that you’re making about 10 sales for every one thousand visitors to your website. That’s a one percent conversion rate, which is fairly typical for a direct marketing setup like this.

But let’s say you start doing a little testing on each of the steps in your marketing funnel.

Let’s start with your ads. Let’s say you manage to do a little testing that increases your click through rate from 1% to 2%. That means you’ve got 2000 people coming to your website.

And so you move on to your squeeze page, which was converting at about 10%. Well, 20% is a typical (ie fair to good) conversion rate for a squeeze page. So you do some testing and tinker with the offer, the headline and the layout of the page and get that conversion rate up to 20%.

And so we turn our attention to your autoresponder series. Writing emails for marketing is as much an art as anything, and it’s the constant drip, drip, drip of communication from you that gets your prospects to know, like, and trust you enough to eventually buy your product. (Very few people buy on their first visit to a site — the autoresponders are typically responsible for the majority of almost any site’s sales.)

So let’s say you manage to improve the response of your emails by double — which shouldn’t be so hard, given how most beginning marketers write their email sales copy.

Next, we’ll test the sales page itself. Sales pages can definitely be improved. In fact, on some tests, the headline alone can increase the conversion rate of a sales page by 8 times or more. But let’s be conservative and say you’ve only increased sales by 2 times.

So let’s add all that up.

We started with 10 sales per thousand. We doubled the number of people getting to your squeeze page by testing and optimizing your ads. So we’ve now got twice as many people seeing your squeeze page.

And we’ve doubled your squeeze page’s effectiveness, so now four times as many people see your autoresponders as before (twice the traffic times twice the conversion rate of the squeeze page).

And since we’ve been working on the autoresponders, and doubled their effectiveness (it’s not hard, really), we’ve now got 8 times the number of people seeing the sales page.

And the sales page, whose conversion rate we’ve also managed to double, now generates twice as many sales for the same number of visitors. So we’re now at 16 times our original sales.

And we haven’t even started talking about upsells, affiliate sales, and other things you can do to generate revenue.

So let’s put some numbers behind this. Let’s say you were doing a little better than breaking even on those 10 sales, and those 10 sales were costing you $250 and earning you $300 (at $30 each). So you were making $50 profit on your $250 in costs (advertising, hosting, etc).

Now, with the same advertising costs, and very little extra effort, you’re earning 16 times what you were earning before: $4,800.

And all you had to do was ask yourself one simple question: Which one is better, A or B?

Now not everyone is going to get these same results. Some people might do better, and some might do worse. It depends on a lot of factors. But I’ll tell you this: those results are not at all unreasonable.

So what’s keeping you? If you’re just getting by with your $50 in profit, why not increase that to over $4,500 in profit by doing a little testing? Even if your numbers are lower — heck, let’s say you only double your sales in total — you’ll still be far ahead of where you started.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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