Testing Affiliate Offers

Lots of people give affiliate marketing a try, see little or no immediate success, and quit.

What a shame.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started in internet marketing. You don’t need a product of your own, carry no inventory, and get paid half the money, more or less.

So why do some affiliates fail?

Well not all products are good products, and not all marketing is good marketing. In other words, maybe the product you’re promoting wouldn’t sell to anyone, no matter how much traffic you sent to it.

But it’s entirely possible that a nearly identical product might sell like CRAZY.

So your job as an affiliate is to start out by selecting more than one product to promote. Make them similar products — nearly identical if possible.

For example, there are dozens of “how to play golf” ebooks you can promote as an affiliate. Some make tens of thousands of dollars a day. Some make none.

So your job, as an affiliate, is first to do a little investigation. Many people seem to think they should avoid promoting products that have a lot of affiliate competition. But that’s the wrong attitude. The best products to promote are the ones that sell best, and the ones that sell best are the ones that everyone is promoting.

See how that works?

So pick two high-selling products in the same or similar field. Then watch carefully to see which one is making the most sales, and earning you the most money.

Continue promoting whichever one sells the best for you, and then abandon the one that lost the test.

And if you’re really interested in the fast track to more success, repeat the process. Go find a third offer to promote. Put that one up against the prior winner.

And then repeat the process until you just can’t handle all the money you’re making.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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