Testing for Success

A lot of new marketers think that all they need to do is put up a web page and they’ll start raking in the big bucks.

Well, it just doesn’t work that way.

Someone’s got to see your page, and they’ve got to be looking for something specific. And then your web page has got to get them the thing they’re looking for…and then make it abundantly clear that the thing that you are offering IS that thing that they are looking for.

IN other words…

There’s lots that has to go on before you can start making money with your online business. And, more often than not, your first attempt at selling something online, or even being an affiliate, will not be nearly as successful as it could be.

So how do you get to be successful?

Well, that’s actually an easy question to answer.

You test. You measure. You improve, and you test again.

There is no guarantee that your online business is going to be successful. But the nearest thing to a guarantee that you’ll find come with learning how to split test in your business.

So what is a “split test”?

Simply put, a split test involves sending your website traffic to a set of different pages, instead of just one page. Each of the pages you’re sending your traffic to is different than the other pages in one way.

That one difference can be a headline, for example.

During your split test, you’ll split your traffic between your testing pages, and count how any people see each page. You’ll also count how many “actions” you get from each page.

An action can be an opt-in (for a squeeze page) or a sale (for a sales page).
Then you’ll compare how well each page did in getting your visitors to take an action. The page that does the better job wins.

And the bottom line is that once you start testing, and getting rid of the bad pages and start using more of the good pages, you’ll make more money. In fact, you can make a LOT more money.
It’s not uncommon for split tests to double or triple sales…without increasing our advertising or traffic costs.

Pretty cool, eh?

There’s no more certain way to grow your business online.

And that’s split testing, in a nutshell.

In a an upcoming article, I’ll give you more of the details about split testing, including the terms you need to know, the best things to test, and how you can use split tests to increase your revenue by about 80 times (yes, eighty, not just 8 times).

Better yet, attend this weeks’ webinar.

I’m actually out of town this week, so I’ve pre-recorded for you a video that should teach you all of the foundations of split testing that you’ll need to know to get started. I’ll even show you some of the best split testing tools I’ve used to automate the entire testing process (some are free!).

So tune in this Thursday when the Split Testing Foundations webinar is released. I’ll be back “live” with you next week.

Happy New Year!

To Your Success,
-Mark Widawer



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