The Money is in the List

If you’ve been learning internet marketing at all, there’s one thing that you most certainly have heard…

‘The Money is in the list”

But what does that mean, really?

Here’s the whole “list” thing, in a nutshell.

When we talk about lists, what we’re talking about is a list of email addresses, usually also with names. You build your list by offering something for free to your website’s visitors, and in exchange you give something to those who sign up.

So, for example, let’s say you’ve got a website selling an ebook about weight loss for Brides-to-be. There are lots of things you could offer to visitors for free.

* The first chapter
* Four easy waist-slimming exercises to help you fit into your wedding dress
* How to survive your own wedding reception without gaining weight
* How to make your own wedding veil ebook

…and on and on. The idea, no matter which one you pick, is to somehow induce your visitor to buy your ebook.

By and large, it’s far easier to give something away for free than it is to sell something. So what you’ll find is that maybe 1% of your website visitors would buy your ebook. But maybe 20% of your visitors will sign up for your free offer.

That means you’ve got 20 times more people on your mailing list than if you only built your list from your customers. Now, in my experience, you might actually sell to a fourth of the people on your mailing list.

So magically, just by adding a well-crafted list, you might discover that you’re selling to %5 of you r visitors instead of just 1%.

And that’s going to make a HUGE difference in your bottom line.

Now, there are lots of people who think that they’ll actually lose sales by not asking for the sale right from the start. But I promise you that this is usually not true.

Mostly, people buy from other people that they know, like and trust. Having a mailing list, where your visitors get to experience you and your helpfulness first-hand helps them to know, like and trust you.

This month in the coaching club, we’re focusing on List Building. My ebook, “Making List Money” will be ready to download at the end of this week, a few last minute tweeks were needed.

Also, this week, we’ll be doing our first list-building webinar. I’ll be teaching you the basics of making money with lists. So be sure to register for the webinar. It’s this Thursday at 12 Noon PST, 3pm EST. Here’s the registration link:
To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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