The Single Most Important Word in Google Adwords

Last week we talked about the Google Adwords “Power Words”. Adwords, like any new kind of skill, has a vocabulary all its own.

We talked about the CTR — the Click Through Rate — which is a measure of how often your ads are clicked.

We talked about the CPC — your Cost Per Click — which is money out of your pocket (and how Google earns its billions of dollars each year).

And we talked a lot about other important parts of Adwords, like Ads, Keywords, AdGroups, Campaigns and Accounts.

And at the end of it all I promised you one more word…one more super-important word that you needed to know, in order to make the most out of Google Adwords. If you know and understand this word, and live by it, your costs go down to the floor. Your profit from well-written ads goes up. Your ability to dominate your market on Adwords increases. And you can pretty much make your destiny whatever you want it to be.

This one word is Google’s watchword. It’s what they measure everything by, how they measure their customer satisfaction, and how they determine their success.

And it’s what they use when they are deciding if you are the person who violates this word so egregiousliy that they’ll ban you from Adwords forever. (A brand new reader of mine sent me a letter he received from Google doing exactly that.)

So do you want to know what that word is?

It’s “Relevance”.

Google’s entire job is to make sure that the pages that they show to their clients are relevant to the searches that they are doing, and that applies equally as much to the Advertising results as it does to the organic results.

So what does Relevance mean?

It means that when bid on a keyword like “dry skin remedy” that your ad is about a cure for flakey skin. Ideally, your headline will mention “dry skin remedy ” and so will the body of your ad.

In a perfect world, your “Display URL” (that’s the link that shows on the last line of your ad) also mentions dry skin. And just as importantly, the page that you are sending your clicks to is also about remedies for dry skin.

That’s because, when someone is searching for “dry skin remedy” they are looking for a solution to their dry skin problem.

Too often, advertisers try to “cover all the bases” and write ads that are too general. So instead of an ad that talks about dry skin and its remedies, you write an ad that says “Dr Smith Holistic Medicine” and the ad talks about how he uses herbs and natural solutions to all kinds of health problems.

Do you think that’s as relevant as an ad that speaks directly about remedies for dry skin?

So do you see the point?

Not only will a more relevant ad get you more clicks, it has some other side effects, too. First, your ad will begin to rise up on the page. Second, the cost you’ll pay for each click will go down. You’ll also notice that you sell more of your dry skin remedy.

And these results spread to your other ads and products, too.

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So please remember this single most important word: Relevance.

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