The Top 7 Article Formats

I always find that the hardest thing about writing anything is figuring out what to write about. I mean, I know my topics well, but sometimes I forget what other people want to know.

Sometimes, just getting an idea for a kind of an article to write will get me to think about the actual subject I want to write about. Would that help you? If so, then this list of the top 9 Article Formats will be as helpful to you as it is to me.

* A top 10 list…

Just come up with a list of 10 tips, 10 ways, or 10 anything, and start writing. By the way, with this article format, or any of the others, the actual number doesn’t matter. You could have a top 5 list or a top 9 list (like this article). You can have whatever number you want. Just keep the article’s length in mind.

* The Secret To …

Sometimes there’s a list of things ( like with the top 10 list) but other times, there’s just one thing that is super-important that most people don’t know. That’s a ‘secret’ and you can write an article all about that one thing.

* The Single Most Important Question

Do people ever ask you questions about your topic? If so, you can write an article just about that one question, and its answer.

* How To…

Just about everyone wants to know how to do stuff, and if you can write a sentence or two about a few steps to get something important done, then it deserves an article.

* 4 Steps To…

Just like a “how to” article, a “steps to” article tells someone how to do something. But the format is a bit different. In the “steps” article, you’re going to lay out the process step by step. You’d be surprised how popular a “steps” article can become.

* 5 Ways To…

Sometimes, instead of there being multiple steps to getting something done, there are multiple ways to do the same thing. If you can write a few sentences about each of those things, then you’ve got an article! (Take a second look at the article you’re reading right now. It’s a “ways to” article, isn’t it?)

* 3 Biggest Mistakes

Every topic has got some good advice, and some common mistakes. You can write about those mistakes in a list, and call them a “biggest mistakes” article. It’s super easy, especially if you’ve once made those mistakes yourself.

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