This week’s Webinar, an extension of last week’s call

Hello All,

Well last Thursday we had some great entries of a topic to chat about, and since they were good subjects to dive into, we wanted to extend that webinar a bit more.

Joseph had an idea of the topic of You Tube and how it can help produce more traffic. We will likely touch on that subject again, but we also wanted to chat about social networking.

I know, we see it EVERYWHERE, but why is it helping, why is it so big, how can you benefit from it all without getting all caught up in all the so called “hoopla”?
What do you think…should we keep chatting on the same topic a bit more in depth? If not let me know what you would like to hear about. Tell me how it can help you. Why you thought of it?
Oh and most importantly, register, here is the link to do so now
See you on Thursday!

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