Tilting Your Blog Posts

If you know anything about Search engines, you know that the words you use to describe your pages and your other content are very important. In fact, it’s what the Search Engines use to determine the content of your site.

In a blog, the name of your article is repeated in many different parts of the site in many different ways. As a result, it is VERY important that you name your posts well if you want the page to have maximum SEO benefit.

Your blog system can automatically use your Post Title. . .

* In the Title Tag of your post. The title tag is the single biggest clue to the Search Engines what your page is about. Ignoring the content of your Title tags is a big mistake.

* In the major heading (h1 or h2 tag) for your post. The Search Engines look at a page’s headings to determine its meaning, too. Any opportunity you have to tell the Search Engine what your page is about is an opportunity you should take.

* As the actual page name of your post. A big help in determining a page’s meaning. It follows that if a page is called “/get-out-of-debt.html” that it’s a page about getting out of debt, right? Your blog will handle this for you, if you let it.

* In many of the links that point to your post. Not only do the Search Engines look at your page to figure out what it’s about, but they also look at the text in the links that point to your site. If the links say “click here”, it doesn’t mean anything to the Search Engines. But, if your link says “get out of debt”, the Search Engine will include those words in its database.

What’s great about blogs is that they are actual computer programs, and for the most part are optimized for the search engines — at least most of the way — so that the right words are used in the right places for the most benefit.

They’ll automatically put your Post title in the right places for the first two items (title tag and major heading), and with minor tweaks they’ll put the keywords in the last two as well.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating — Blogs are Traffic Magnets, and search engines love them.

Now you know why.

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To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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