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Hey Trafficswarm Members

After my last email, we’ve been swamped with questions about TrafficSwarm and Internet Marketing. The TrafficSwarm questions I can answer, since I’ve got my head in this every day. And for the Internet Marketing questions…well, I’m going to get you some great resources for that, later. So I have been reading over all of your responses and will work on answering them for you.

Today, we’ll answer this question:

Question: “I have an ad up on TrafficSwarm, but it is not showing clicks?”

Since this question was asked in many forms…I have many comments about reasons clicks are not happening. Here are the four most common reasons for your ads not showing up….

* If you have had the same ad, or maybe similar ads as another TrafficSwarm member, well it’s time to change it. Why? Well, just imagine yourself… if you see one ad and then soon after see another one either just like it or close, why would you bother to click on the duplicate ad and view the product? That would be a waste of your time.

* You need to have an ad that really pulls in a viewer to click on the ad. Get the viewer enticed and a reason to click on your link! Copywriting is tough, trust me I have tried my hardest at writing ads and still need much more help. Practice can only make you better. Top advertisers have the funds to pay thousands of dollars to professional copywriters. Well I can say that I know most of Trafficswarm members do not have this kind of extra cash around to hire such professionals. So the only choice is to constantly look at what other members are doing, compare to your own ad, and write, write, write. Also, remember to not make such far out claims, keep your wording reasonable.

* Remember, you want to upload two or three different ads of the same product in order to test. Testing will allow you to see which ads do best and which ones aren’t so hot. Otherwise viewers could be scanning through ads and your identical ads don’t even stop to hold their interest.

* Are these ads working for you in other places? If they are, then it’s possible that you are advertising to a viewer that isn’t someone who is in your target market. This is why it is important to pay attention to the type of category your ad is in. This type of category can make a huge difference. If you have an ad conveying a business opportunity, why would you put it in the category for hobbies?

Does that help? Does that give you something to test and try? I hope so, because we all really want you to get the most out of TrafficSwarm — and have the things you want as a result of your online business.

If you’ve got a comment, just write it in the comment form below (or click the Comments link if the form is not visible).

Okay, that’s it for today. More coming in a day or two.

– Kaycee

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