Total Traffic Formula

So I am not sure if everyone is noticing there are two different clubs now for coaching.

One is the Money Makers Coaching Club, accessable from a Trafficswarm account. This club is almost like a library for members. You can login and learn about many different topics, download ebooks, and attend to the webinars happening every other week on Thursdays at noon pacific. These webinars are great, you can ask your coach anything to do with Internet Marketing, something you read in the club, even one on one help with your own site or affiliate site.

The other club is the Total Traffic Formula, this is our newer more focused club that has structured traffic courses, videos, ebooks, bonuses, and eventually an affiliate program through Clickbank. We developed this product from the Money Makers club as some members learn better in a more direct, structured environment. This club is a bit more expensive, yet a bit more involved. Members also attend the webinars and can participate just like the Money Makers Members.

You are welcome to join either one, as they help you in different ways.

To join the Money Makers Club, or login to your Trafficswarm account and click on the Coaching box.

To join the Total Traffic Formula,

Feel free to email me at kaycee at if you have any questions!

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