Three Free (and under-used) Ways to Get MORE Traffic to Your Site

Even though TrafficSwarm members keep telling us that they are getting a lot of traffic from TrafficSwarm, I gotta tell you….

You can do better!

I am not saying that TrafficSwarm isn’t a great supply of quality traffic, but your site needs traffic from more than one source. As the internet changes, which it always is, if you depend on just one source of traffic you are vulnerable to any small change.

Like a table with one leg

What are the other sources of traffic though???

Well in this new free video below, Mark will reveal three fast and easy ways to get more traffic to your site!



P.S. Don’t forget to post your questions and responses below!

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36 Responses to Three Free (and under-used) Ways to Get MORE Traffic to Your Site

  1. Thank you very much for the important and useful information. I am very grateful for your kindness and sharing. I certainly need more traffic to my site. I was getting very discouraged but I am not a quitter. Everyone surrounding told me to quit.
    I don’t listen to negative people.

    Thank you and God Bless you for your help.


  2. Isabel says:

    Hi Kaycee & Mark,

    I am really hoping to be one of the fortunate ones to be part of the Priority list! It looks like you have great tutorials with easy step by step directions to follow…

    I can’t wait to tell other fellow marketers…

    Kind regards
    P.S. Knowledge to more Traffic source is any Marketers dream… We CRAVE for more insight! Thank You!

  3. Kirsten Paris says:

    Thanks for another informative video, Mark, and for sharing some more of your “tactics” with us. Looking forward to receiving more information regarding the coaching club, such as start date,cost, etc. :D



  4. I so enjoy getting your mail Mark i find your information relevant and well defined in simple and easy points to get an overall picture and undering off what i need to know and understand. thankyou for making my journey of online marketing easier to get me started. Nerissa

  5. Great video. Those three methods are very effective. Just make sure you do your keyword research first. I can’t wait to see more.

  6. James Holish says:

    Would a blog and Forum hosted on the same site be as effective as articles for permanent long term traffic?

  7. Larry Siner says:

    A good video. I don’t know how to write articles. I can barely turn my computer on. Will there be exact details on how to write them, how to copy and paste,
    a detailed step be step procedure as to where to click to complete this article process, etc.? Please reply.

  8. myaz says:

    This video really is great and give me a lot of info on how to get more and more traffics. Thanks Mark!
    By the way, I got some questions for you. I’ve just written an article and it is to be published on article directory, but I just wonder, is it OK to publish my article ( I mean, the same article) to many different article directories? Or is it necessary to post a different article each time? Because I’m always concern about getting a unique content when it comes to writing an article, so, it will be hard to get a new article each time I want to post to different article directory. And if you could give me some tips and hints on writing a unique article that can attract people to read, that would be really great. Hope to get your reply soon. Thanks again! :)

  9. moatasem abo alrob says:

    thank alot for this information
    i will make better

    thanks again

  10. Moriya says:


    Great video! Thanks for the awesome tips about how to get free traffic. I read things about free traffic all the time but it never really makes good sense to me. However, Mark really took the extra step to explain the reasoning behind why using those free traffic sources is a good idea and how those sources benefit an internet marketer.

    It was really helpful to hear Mark explain “how” each of the 3 free traffic sources actually operate from a seo stand point as well. These tactics were super easy to understand. Thanks! Can’t wait to get started!!


  11. Moriya says:

    Oh yeah… I forgot to ask this question…

    I’ve heard a lot about how can be a good tactic for gaining free traffic. Do you know anything about marketing with Do you recommend using that site?

  12. jimmyfox says:

    Thanks Kaycee and Mark!
    Marks information is always right on target. Thank you for helping others “LEarn to Earn” faster and easier. Perseverance and LEarning are the keys.
    Thank you also to the Traffic Swarmers for showing me your sites, I learn a lot from them, good and bad.

  13. NARASIMHA says:

    Great idea to increase traffic

  14. Mary Stead says:

    Thank you for this video. I am new to Internet Marketing and this greatly cleared up alot of questions for me. I am eager to learn about Internet Marketing and especially promoting my site and conversion. Thank you again,

  15. Julian Lewis says:

    This was one of the most informative videos I have seen since I been network marketing. I’ve heard of almost all of the resources but never really knew what they were talking about now I do…and this was

  16. HI and thank you very much for the information in this presentation. I thought it was going to tell me what already knew but it added depth to it. I feel really excited now. Thank you

  17. Jewell says:

    Thank you for this video. I found it helpful.

  18. Karol says:

    You have a wonderful speaking voice, and all the information is certainly its weight in gold to digest and use – onward and upward!

  19. Hilda says:

    It’s a pity I don’t have voice box. I have to buy one. :)

  20. jitendra says:


    Good video.

    Article marketing is a long term strategy and is very effective in getting highly targeted traffic.


  21. mammons says:

    That’s right!

  22. luis says:

    Thank you for your information and your time, Great stuff

  23. luis says:

    Mark, Thanks for your time and information, Great Stuff


  24. Nosa says:

    I quite enjoy the video presentation. Full of valuable marketing tips and information. I learnt a lot from the tutorial. Thank you kaycee and Mark

  25. Mark L says:

    Hi Mark and Kaycee,

    Very good video, informative, clear, percise, and to the point. Traffic is key to marketing and Free trafic is always great. I was familiar with Article marketing and 2.0 but the PR strategy was new. I thank you for the video and your informative teachings. Coaching Club will be awesome.

    Mark L

  26. Jesus Moreno says:

    Kaycee and Mark:

    Nice illustrative video about generation of website traffic. Now what? Well, got to put it onto practice. Thank you guys.

    Jesus Moreno

  27. Linky says:

    Thanks for the very useful, easy to understand information. The secret to leverage from that, is in the implementation of the 3 free traffic getting strategies.

  28. Leonard says:

    Thank you so much, clearly explained and good stuff. The onus is now on me to implement the great advice.

  29. larry says:

    Interesting information. The ideas are based on understanding the Search Engine technology and processing. While the info is great, where did you learn this? The info seems to be more than just “…hey, I think this might be a good idea!” so it has a basis in something? Did you work with/at Google? Do you attend some sessions where these concepts are discussed? I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions and certainly do not want to steal your sharing.


  30. Jeffery Wood says:

    Great video. I had put off watching it until today (I don’t like watching videos, I’d rather skim pdfs) and now I regret it.

    The list of websites for press releases is an excellent resource that I was missing. I had most of the others, but that one I had overlooked.

    Thank you very much.

    – Jeffery

  31. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  32. Katherine says:

    Thank You for the free info. It was great and I learned more about the areas I was already working on, but no have a better undertanding about them.

  33. Moriya says:

    Hi Mark,

    I loved your idea about submitting press releases. However, now I am curious to know how I can protect my copy from being re-written and used by other affiliate marketers. Do you have any suggestions about protecting my copy?

  34. Moriya says:

    Hi Mark/Hi Kaycee,

    I know I’ve been hammering you with questions but… I just started following Mark’s advice about submitting Press Releases and now my mind is swarming with thoughts… So, here’s my question… I submitted a Press Release to and noticed that a Brazilian search engine picked up my article. So, my first question how do I know where my article will be submitted? Can I research this? Where would I go to research that topic? Also, is there a way that I can target where I want my press release to show up? How do you personally evaluate a press release/article submission service? Is there a service that offers targeted press release submission at a super low cost (Free)? Also, if I submit my content to 50 different services… how do I keep up with where I’m promoting?

    So many questions I know… Thanks for putting up with me!

  35. Moriya says:


    One more question and then I’ll try to contain myself… I noticed that requires a certain # of words in a Press Release before they will allow you to add a hyperlink to your press release. So… if search engines crawl through hyperlinks… does the number of hyperlinks in a press release affect the ranking of the press release in the search engines? What are your thoughts on this? How can I best use this theory to my advantage?

  36. Good video you covered a couple diffrent key methods of getting traffic and ranking well in the SERPs. One thing I have to disagree with you about is when you say running a website that ranks well is stress free and easier than hauling trash and digging ditches. Personally I have done all three and the only one that I have had to work 12-16 hours daily non stop is website marketing. Don’t get me wrong it has paid off since I am ranked #1 right now for the key term make money free and ranked within the top 5 pages for almost every competitive phrase, but the reason I am ranked well is writing articles when I did not want to write, making videos when I was dead tired, and networking with stuck up webmasters. Other than that very nice video I have just recently added video marketing to my campaign and have actually enjoyed the exposure. Anyways thanks for tips if you want a directory of well over 400 article directories you can try it is the one I use:)